Nintendo Hits New Low By Launching Super Mario Run on Apple iPhone 7

Super Mario Run On iPhone 7

Gaming is fun on any platform of your choice but when a great legendary company like Nintendo simplifies their franchise into Super Mario Run for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it is difficult to accept that an era is coming to an end.

In Super Mario Run as displayed during the Apple event, all a player has to do is tap the screen to jump. When the obstacle is large, they simply have to force down their finger for a long jump. Nintendo’s boss commented that the one handed gameplay will be embraced by people around the globe as they could enjoy it on the go, while reading newspaper or even working.

But, does it justify the fact that they have watered down a great classic into nothing? Mario games have always been the heart and soul of Nintendo consoles. The amazing world filled with perilous obstacles made childhood memorable to kids from the 90s. The era continued with the Wii console that made Super Mario and every other intellectual property of Nintendo better.


However, the new Super Mario Run for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t seem promising at all. The mobile gaming scenario that paved way for some silly titles like Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run and mindless titles like Flappy Bird has done their job. They made sure developers made more time consuming titles that demanded money from the gamer every hour.

Thankfully, Super Mario Run from Nintendo will be free to download. It is more of a demo that lets you experience the title before you pay its full price. There will be no coins, gems or upgrades to buy in order to play as Mario.

In the recent past, Nintendo worked with Niantic to launch Pokemon Go. While it was such a rage at the moment, the game had nothing but route maps and directions to make you to walk miles. It was fun in the beginning but soon people realized that it got boring after a while. Over 11 million players dropped off of Pokemon Go within a month and it is not going to get any better soon.

Super Mario Run could be just another mobile title for Nintendo on the Apple iPhone 7 but it is definitely not going to revolutionize mobile gaming of any sort. It is coming to Android phones, claims a new update. Instead, let’s hope the Nintendo NX console lives up to the hype and offers a new age of gaming.

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