Nintendo NX Confirmed To Be Region Free, New 3DS XL Rumored

Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX is about to go global and the next generation gaming system will not be region locked.

The information comes from reliable sources and with Nintendo being keen on reaching gamers worldwide, it is easy to trust that it will run software from any region.

While the company is tight lipped about the new NX console, patent rights and new copyright claims have confirmed that Nintendo is going for a hybrid console. The same hardware which when assembled at home will have the whole experience. Once done, players can simply dismantle it and use it as a handheld device.

Most assume that it could possibly be the death of the 3DS and 3DS XL handheld models. New rumors suggest that the hardware manufacturer has no plans to stop producing one of their hugely successful devices. Instead, they are simply going to give a new look and purpose for the home console. For years, they have been like VCR boxes that cannot be moved much and doesn’t have any sort of innovation.

Nintendo NX New 3DS XL

Nintendo NX aims to change it forever and with their affordable price tag, it could easily become a crowd favorite in a matter of months. The Wii was such an innovation which brought motion controllers to mainstreaming gaming. The Wii U integrated tablets with touchscreen gaming but it didn’t reach as many people as the Wii did.

When it comes to Sony and Nintendo, region locked content and hardware are plenty. They will come up with fancy exclusivesand games that are available only in Japan. Such an issue should never exist with the Nintendo NX. It is not just the hardware but the software will be region free making it easy for gamers to experience the best of both worlds.

A lot of players in North America had to skip titles like Doshin the Giant, Disaster Day of Crisis, Captain Rainbow because they never were launched in U.S. Besides, as soon as the NX is released in Japan or any part of the world, you can immediately ship it to your region. While the taxes and shipping costs might be slightly higher, it usually occurs even when you purchase it officially off the store.

Nintendo’s handhelds released before the 3DS were region free. Let’s hope that the new 3DS XL is region free. Portable systems should be free of such constraints because the primary objective is to make gaming on the go easy.

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