Nintendo NX Console Will Use Cartridges To Store Games

Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX console is going to usher in a lot of innovative ideas but some of them could be really retro, like the fact that they are going to use cartridges to store games.

The update sounds quite surprising and probably a rumor we could easily brush off. But, it comes from the Wall Street Journal newspaper which claimed that they have gathered details from reliable inside sources. And, it is not something completely unbelievable. After all, when you use cartridges it doesn’t mean they are going to be 8-bit or 16-bit.

Instead, a memory card with gigabytes of data could be stored inside a cartridge and it wouldn’t make a difference. From a gamer’s end, it might look more appealing and would encourage them to appreciate the design the people at Nintendo NX had put into. The source claimed that Nintendo is keen on acquiring people from every region around the world unlike Sony or Microsoft which is limited in their reach.

“Core fans of the brand would love to have something that represents the 80s era while younger kids usually find it tough to scratch or damage a cartridge when compared to a physical disc. They are also considered to be easy to produce, games are usually faster on a chip and completely private making it difficult to pirate the titles. With these advantages, going for them is an obvious choice,” said an insider without revealing his identity.

Nintendo NX Console

Earlier, based on copyrights acquired and some design related documents, it was rumored that Nintendo NX is going to be powered by cartridges. The recent updates confirm the same. It is also known that the console will be a hybrid system. A first time experiment which will allow gamers to hook the big console to a television at home. When they go out, they can attach the controllers to the machine and carry it on the go.

It might be a fiscally viable option for many and if one could enjoy Mario kart, Donkey Kong, Zelda among other popular games on the go with next generation graphics, chances are Nintendo could hit the jackpot with the NX console.

Cartridges might not be a hindrance because being a handheld and home console, people should be able to play games without huge boxes on top of the device. You should be able to buy games digitally and play them wherever you go without being restrained to your HD televisions.

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