Nintendo Switch News Updates : Nvidia CEO Says it’s for Core Audience, ORB Accessories Listed

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is coming this week and the excitement level is so high.

Nvidia CEO opined in a recent interview that the console is designed for core gamers and a Finnish website has already listed ORB accessories to protect your newly purchased hardware.

Nintendo Switch Essentials Pack

Nvidia Tegra processor is what powers the Nintendo Switch console. While Nvidia is focusing on becoming the Netflix for gaming by offering streaming services, their hardware continues to help other companies achieve portable gaming power. The Nintendo Switch console is a great example which runs seamlessly as a home console and offers an almost equal performance on the road, as a handheld. The hybrid experience will set it apart from competition, making it a must buy for any type of gamer out there.

Sharing his views on Switch, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang said, “Switch is a Nintendo console and it sticks true to the experience the company has been offering to players for so many years. Designed to be singular, the games and the entire console infrastructure is colorful, fun and most importantly safe for kids to play with. The team’s dedication to one core idea is amazing in a world where multi-tasking is mandatory and all top brands are vying to find a market share in every sector. Nintendo Switch is delightful and I am confident you will all be blown when it gets launched.”

Nintendo Switch Accessories

The company has always been in the right track which ensured their Wii and Wii U consoles stood apart from PS4 or Xbox One devices. They can never compete by offering an exclusive like The Last of Us or Halo but Mario saves the day every time, every year. With an amazing collection of kid-friendly, party driven first party titles, the Nintendo Switch is poised to win especially because of its hybrid nature. It gives buyers a chance to get two consoles for the price of one. Those who have never owned a 3DS or the Wii U gets both of them bundled in a brand new package with Nvidia hardware.

Nintendo Switch Accessories Protector

Meanwhile, the popular accessory developer ORB has released images of Nintendo Switch cases, rubber grips and travel kit. NintendoLife reports that new peripherals are already up on a Finnish retailer Konsolinet. ORB is known for making amazing accessories for PS4, Xbox One making them the go to brand for your Switch accessories if you decide to buy the console on launch day.

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