Nintendo’s Mario on Apple iPhone 7 is Extremely Simplified to Suit Mobile Gaming

Nintendo Mario

A surprising announcement was made during the Apple event today. Nintendo’s Mario is coming to the iPhone 7 and it has been extremely simplified to suit the mobile gaming scenario.

Instead of going for a complicated method where you usually control Mario with a virtual thumb stick, the team has decided to make it Super Mario Run. The name reveals it all! The iOS game is very simple because as soon as the game starts, Mario starts running in one direction.


For any player who has already had the opportunity to enjoy something like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, this Super Mario Run is no different. The game starts where you have to press on the screen to make the character jump. He’s really fast and the longer you press, the higher he will jump to collect mushrooms.

The event invited Shigeru Miyamoto, head of Nintendo to reveal the game and talk in detail about how it works. He was super excited and choose to speak in his native language which was translated live by another person. A gameplay video was showcased during the event.

While it is too early to comment on how good or bad Super Mario Run will be, we are glad that it is not going to ask you to pay to play. Instead, the game will be a one-time purchase and you can play all the levels as long as you want.

Nintendo Mario

The new mobile Mario game is coming to iOS 10 and it has an exclusive feature named Battle Mode. As people run using the hero, they set new records in each level. You can pick one high score of your choice and beat it. A shadow clone of the previous runner will run along giving you a motivation to keep running and set a new milestone that others have to beat.

Super Mario Run to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S is coming this holiday season.

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