Overwatch 1.3 Update Is Live, Adds New Map Eichenwalde

Overwatch New Map Eichenwalde

The new Overwatch 1.3 update is now live and the update brings a brand new map besides some gameplay tweaks.

Named as Overwatch Season 2, the game’s modifications are being done so as to prepare it for the new competitive tournaments. The new map named Eichenwalde is designed to be an Assault, Escort map. Heroes including D.Va and Zenyatta among all others have been tweaked to balance the game. MOBA games are known for changes as they are mandatory to keep the gameplay balanced.

Overwatch’s competitive mode no longer includes sudden death mode. It is one of the significant changes that have been rolled out in season 2. Skill ratings now work more efficiently as it takes note of how a player plays, their moves, skills used and contribution to the team. The rating will be more accurate as it takes both individual and teamplay into account.


With the new update, any match that ends in a draw will not be over immediately. Instead three competitive points will be awarded to each player in the team. It ensures that such draw games don’t happen again in the immediate future. For those of you who feel that three points is too much for a draw game, it is important to know that you receive only one point for a win. That has been changed as well because winners will now receive ten points.

The long patch note is available at the official Overwatch blog. Individual changes made to the heroes will bring about some drastic changes to the gameplay. Instead of the usual one second delay, the defense matrix that D. Va uses will be ready in just 0.5 seconds. There is constant changes and very good communication between gamers and the game developers.

A similar situation is found in all popular titles like DOTA 2, League of Legends and Overwatch might soon join the league with its immense success. Blizzard has already confirmed that it is their big success in the multiplayer arena in recent times. They have even partnered with Facebook to let viewers watch tournaments and other matches live.

The new map released for season 2 is expected to offer some close combat scenarios. The world is destroyed during a great war and the ruins are left for you to fight in. We are yet to have our hands on with the map and when we do, it should give us a much better idea of Eichenwalde.

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