PES 2017 Demo is Out: Here is what you need to know about the Latest PES Title

PES 2017 Demo

Konami is here with the latest title in the Pro Evolution Soccer series – PES 2017. The demo has been released and is available for downloads with the game slated for September 15, two weeks before FIFA 17. Unfortunately, there is no PC demo version.

New entries invite expectations, and so does PES 2017.  The game details have been revealed and we can say the developer has nailed it. Konami is settling for a less pacey game, giving players more control, after trying a swifter approach in PES 2016. The title offers a host of cool features and changes, here are the details;

Low Quality PC version

It is so sad that PC gamers have been hit again. PES 2017 PC edition quality will not match Xbox One or PS4 versions, the rendition will still use the older game engine. Indeed very disappointing from the franchise. Come on Konami! A high-end PC deserves better graphics than even the current generation consoles. However, the version will be on a higher level than the PS3/Xbox 360 editions.

Better graphics

This is excellent from the developer, graphics have been improved immensely. The newly adopted FOX Engine has turned around everything in PES 2017, the players now look very realistic. Improved facial appearance, more body movements, it’s just incredibly! If you were playing PES 2016, then you will certainly appreciate the changes because the new title is far much better in graphics. In addition, for the first time, you will see players breathe in cold weather.

PES 2017

Real touch

Konami has implemented a ball controlling technique to depict different players own ways of receiving and controlling the ball in PES 2017. The 1st Touch control gives every single player a unique way of controlling the ball depending on how the gamer controls them.

Teams, Kits and Partnership

Konami has secured partnerships with Liverpool, FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund which gives exclusive access to team kits and stadia. Remember the announcement at Gamescom 2015? It was announced that the franchise had acquired the copyright for UEFA Euro 2016, we might see the league in the game as well. For teams, PES 2016 included several leagues and we expect the same in this year’s instalment. Ligue 1, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, AFC Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores and Unlicensed Premier League.

New adaptive AI

Probably the best inclusion in PES 2017, the ‘adaptive’ feature is coming to the world of soccer video gaming for the first time in history. The AI will learn playing tactics and adjust their own to counter. For instance, if you cannot be penetrated by short passes they will switch to a long passing game. Direct competitor FIFA series claims to have had the feature in its previous entries, but until now not so much has been seen in that respect.

Precise Pass

Passing the ball is an art in PES 2017 as said by Konami. The new feature will enhance passing accuracy and speed of the game depending on several factors like ground surface and real game physics. Though the key factor is the player ratings and skills, the game will assist you to make killer passes depending on situation-direction and angles.

Goalkeeping changes

PES games have been criticized for the manner in which beating the goalkeepers have been easy. PES 2017 is different and will feature an overhauled goal system. Keepers’ skills have been enhanced depending on different abilities possessed by different keepers. They will be stronger on the air with acrobatic skills and strong hands and good feet.

PES 2017

Less Arcade-like

For a long time, Konami has been blamed for building arcade-like games and fans have been asking the franchise to make PES 2017 look more realistic. That has been implemented and the game features more realistic ball physics – the player touch now slows the game to give the gamer more control than ever before.

Finally, there are also a lot of fascinating changes in myClub, corner taking and Master leagues. PES 2017 price ranges between $59.99 for the Xbox One and PS4 edition to $39.99 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 version. With the massive changes, the games stand a better chance of mounting a derby-like competition against EA Sports’ FIFA 17.

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