Why PES 2017 Could Outdo FIFA 17 This Year?


Electronic Arts had the most number of players onboard because the FIFA series rocked with exclusive access to teams, kits and stadiums.

PES 2017 has finally caught up this year and the game amazing potential to outdo FIFA 17 this year.

Whenever a new football game is out, the developers focus on some random features. They are usually the same year. The ball control is tweaked, players can nudge past their opponents towards the goal and a very minor graphical upgrade that you can hardly spot. The FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 battle continues with all these gimmicky stuff but the real thing is Konami has acquired some of the best teams this year with official licenses.

With complete access to FC Barcelona, Arsenal FC and other top teams, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is poised to become one of the biggest launches in recent history. Konami has signed pretty deals with these teams to use exact player faces, movements, kits and stadiums. Almost all the best players are already on Barcelona and Arsenal is an equally competent team.

Authenticity is what PES didn’t have many years besides a boring soundtrack. If the developers have fixed it, they could possibly outsmart Electronic Arts’ FIFA 17 easily this year. The demo for PES 2017 is already out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. Players can choose to compete in the Camp Nou and Neu Sonne Arena for now until the official game is out.

PES 2017

Players who love simulation and complete control over the ball will always opt for Pro Evolution Soccer. Gameplay plays a significant role when you have to experience football as its best. Meanwhile, the FIFA series from EA focused more on soundtracks, graphics and presentation. They also had an amazing solo campaign mode where you help a single player rise to glory.

Konami’s version is slowly catching up! This year, things could change drastically and we hope it would so that the best of gameplay is offered with an immersive presentation. PES 2017 has all the potential to beat FIFA 17 and if it does, it will push EA to come up with new things, acquire more licenses as well as tweak player control.

Publishers and developers have very little focus on sports titles but they release it every year. When you are to buy a game, shouldn’t it be worth the purchase? Let’s hope they switch to a two -year cycle and offer better games from this generation onwards.

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