Playstation Now On PC – Pricing, Dualshock Controller Adapter and Available PS3 Games

PS Now On PC

By now, it’s known that the Playstation Now service is coming to PC and will allow you to stream almost all PS3 titles on any mid-range PC.

Before you decide to join the fray, here are somethings to know and be prepared to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. Playstation 3 is one of the most successful console for Sony. It obviously led a lot of developers to develop some of the best games including the Uncharted series, The Last of Us, God of War series and many more exclusives.

PC gamers can now enjoy some of those exclusives they missed in the past game for a minimal price. Over 400 game titles are available and the list of titles can be found on the official Playstation Now blog. Being PS3 titles, they may be slightly lower in terms of graphics and is not something you should compare with modern day games. It’s the gameplay that matters the most which will make PS Now a worthy subscription.

While Sony has not officially announced the pricing for PC gamers, it should set you back between $50 to $80 if you are going to buy a 6-month subscription. It costs $20 a month. The pricing is based on what Playstation 4 and PS3 gamers pay at the moment. Based on the region you live in, it could vary and might be higher when converted into a different currency.

Playstation Now On PC

The good news is all games will be instantly available to download and play as long as you have the bandwidth. The games don’t use your graphics card to render as it is done virtually in the host server. But, a decent mid-range PC with a good GFX is mandatory in order to seamlessly enjoy the experience. You should also have a fast internet connection with enough download limit to play them all.

Sony is offering a Bluetooth dongle priced at $25. It helps PC gamers connect the Dualshock 4 controller wirelessly to their computers or the Mac. The same can be done using a wired controller but this just gives more space to sit and maybe play on a bigger screen if you manage to connect your machine to a large screen HDTV.

PS Now may also be available on Mac in the near future. It is still under consideration. Microsoft has bypassed this problem by bringing every Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive to PCs unifying consoles and computers permanently, at least for now.

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