Pokemon Go Plus Device Is Coming Next Week To UK

Pokemon Go Plus

The huge craze over the Pokemon Go game on iPhone and Android devices is slowly settling down.

Nintendo and Niantic is not soon to give up as they are about to launch the Pokemon Go Plus device next week in UK.

Nintendo has confirmed that they will be launching the Pokemon Go Plus device on September 16th. If you have been wondering what it does and how useful it is, simplify your ideas. The device is a simple clip-on Bluetooth accessory which searches every location for new pokemons as you travel.

Whenever there is a Pokemon nearby or a PokeStop, the device will start vibrating. It is an alarm of sort for the hardcore Poke fan who doesn’t want to miss anything on his or her way to work. Some might consider the device to be a huge nuisance as it might vibrate a lot whenever there is something important nearby. For fans of the game, it is an essential device. Once you find a Pokemon nearby, just click a button on the clip-on and it will capture the creature in seconds.

Pokemon Go Plus Device

The game is designed for smartphones and a lot of people were addicted to it. They were glued to their phone screens, even falling into pits and cliffs in their attempt to find exotic creatures. The Pokemon Go Plus device is now being introduced to save you from the trouble of having to use your smartphone all day long.

It gives you a break from the big screen and you can continue to catch them all. However, we assume that the device will have a significant impact on the phone’s battery life as it uses Bluetooth all-day long. The device is said to cost £34.99 in UK. Nintendo’s UK store is taking pre-orders right now.

The Pokemon Go Plus was supposed to have launched in the month of July. The delay has been really long. Probably a lot of gamers by this time has given up on the idea of buying one.The app is yet to be launched in multiple countries. It had plenty of bugs that annoyed players to the car but things are getting better with each passing month.

Niantic has some other great games as well which they showcased during the recent iPhone 7 launch. Pokemon Go on Apple Watch might popularize the franchise even further if the developers keep adding new content to the game.

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