Pokémon Go Could be a Short-lived Fad, New Data Reveals

Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs’ Pokémon Go took the Android and iOS worlds by storm when it was released a few weeks ago, however, it seems this application is just another short-lived fad, at least according to the latest stats.

Apparently, new data shows that the level of engagement on Pokémon Go has dramatically gone down over the past days. Drops are being recorded in player engagement and daily active usage, a clear indicator this game’s craze has cooled down. Even though the figure is going down, the remaining user base is actually the group that wasn’t out there simply to try the app.

Following its release, Pokémon Go went into the books of history by becoming the most popular mobile game ever. However, other apps have been here before, but the question is for how long? As we can see from the stats, Niantic’s creation will probably not last for a long time, especially since it has lost about 10 million daily active users in a span of about one month. Could this be down to the lack of perks within the game that can make players want to come back and play more? Probably yes.

Pokemon Go

Other than finding gyms where you engage with other players and win, for instance, playing Pokémon Go can really become generic. In essence, there is nothing close to a storyline that players are trying to stick to, something that could be a huge factor in the loss of the 10 million daily subscribers.

With the number of people engaging in playing Pokémon Go slowly going down, it remains to be seen whether the game’s popularity will remain. But looking at the graphs presented in the report, this is highly unlikely going to happen.

Just recently, the popularity of the app in the Google Play Store was surpassed by the newly launched Google Duo, something that also hinted at this decline.

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