PS4 Neo Is Coming This September, Gamestop Confirmed It

PS4 Neo

When a big company like Gamestop says the PS4 Neo is coming this September, we can’t deny the fact.

After all, their executive may not make such comments unless they have some inside confirmation on the same.

Majority of the media has reported that the PS4 Neo and the PS4 Slim is about to be revealed at the Playstation event scheduled for September 7th. Referencing the same, a Gamestop executive said, “We are excited about the upcoming lineup of consoles. There will be more things to talk about after September 7th.”

The conversation took place during an earning call. The executive confirmed that the video game hardware store is already prepping up and betting big on the PS4 Neo console. Supposed to be a powerful version of the existing Playstation 4, the hardware upgrade would allow Sony’s machine to offer full 1080p gaming with 60 frames per second. The console will also support 4K content and HDR relay.

Most of these specifications and features are speculated. Until the big event takes place next week, we can’t vouch for these claims. Before the official launch, multiple users have managed to get hold of the PS4 slim console. It is the same hardware but packaged in a different slimmer and compact exterior chassis.


Along with it, a brand new Dualshock 4 controller was showcased in many unboxing videos posted on Youtube. The controller has its thin LED light mounted on the top making it easy for a player to identify their position when playing with friends in the same room. As it has already been reviewed by many, the PS4 slim is definitely coming and it will be priced lower when compared to the improved PS4 Neo console.

“We are always open to innovation and looking forward to promote such products in our store. The Xbox One S is the first one to be out followed by the Playstation VR, Nintendo NX and the upcoming PS4 consoles. We are looking forward to offer great value for our customers with such amazing products,” added the Gamestop executive.

Gamestop is just another company to confirm that Sony is about to launch two different consoles on September 7. When they do, they will create a stiff competition for Microsoft’s Xbox One S console. Xbox Scorpio the next gen machine is said to be the most powerful of them all which can be confirmed once Sony announces their Playstation 5 early next year.

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