PS4 Version Of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Features Exclusive Mission for Playstation VR

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Features

Playstation VR s gaining momentum as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare developers announced that an exclusive level will be offered for the PS4 platform.

Xbox One doesn’t have any dedicated virtual reality headset of its own but Sony is well-ahead in this regard. The company is about to bring a host of VR games designed for their new Playstation VR hardware. Most games are designed to offer the most immersive experience ever and box arts reveal that they are all priced at $60 while some might cost higher.

While these games are made by known developers, the PS4 version of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is about to go big with an exclusive level. The particular mission is made for Playstation VR headset. Players will control a VTOL fighter jet and the mission titled Jackal Assault is provided for free along with the game.

The headset will launch on October 13th. Call of Duty is taking a big turn this year by going all-out warfare in space. While Battlefield 1 is set in the World War I era, this one is totally different and the developers are confident that gamers would embrace the change. The trailer became one of the most disliked on Youtube but things are slowly getting better for the COD franchise.

PS4 Version Of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Other big titles that has full support for Playstation VR on PS4 includes Star Wars Battlefront and Final Fantasy 15. There is no word on how this particular mission will play out in Infinite Warfare. But, given the fact that virtual reality is too good when it is shown in outer space, there is no need for the developers to deploy the mission on Earth.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will also be launched on PC, Xbox One along with Playstation 4 console. There is no word on whether the mission will be available on all platforms or not. We assume Sony could have done an exclusive deal to make it for the Playstation VR. A possibility is that it may be on other platforms but without the bells and whistles provided by a virtual reality headset.

The developers said that similar to how Modern Warfare revamped the series, the upcoming Infinite Warfare will be a milestone in the Call of Duty franchise. We are yet to see more of the gameplay video but it does sound promising so far. A remastered versions of Modern Warfare 1 is offered for free along with this game.

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