Report: Apple to Release Updated MacBook Air and Pro Models Soon

Apple MacBook Air, Pro and iMac

In a new report, Apple is reportedly working on updating the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series alongside new versions of the iMac.

At the moment, the Apple tech talk is dominated by the forthcoming launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – two handsets that are expected to bring back Apple’s glory in the smartphone industry after periods of hard times. However, it seems these are not the only plans Apple has for the immediate future, at least according to Bloomberg. Apparently, Cupertino will refresh the iMac desktop as well as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops.

In addition to coming in with new computers, the tech giant will also debut a 5K standalone monitor that it has worked on alongside South Korea’s LG. While there is no specific date mentioned as to when these devices will be unveiled to the world, it is thought that some of them will be here before 2016 comes to a conclusion.

If the rumors indeed materialize, we may not see any of these MacBook Air or Pro at the iPhone launch event, instead, Apple could spare a different date for its computer models, probably somewhere in October. This is the same time that the company is known to come in with new iPads, however, this year might see changes happen and instead the laptops and desktop will take over the event. Rather than come in with new iPads, Apple reportedly wants to focus on making the new iPad Pro more appealing to the world with the help of major software updates.

Apple MacBook Air, Pro and iMac

The new MacBook Air being lined up will reportedly come with a USB Type-C port while on the other hand, the iMac desktop will enjoy improved graphics. As at the time of this writing, little is known about what are the exact hardware changes the two laptops and desktop will come along with, but they should be big. It has been rumored that the MacBook Pro will come with a slimmer design featuring a flatter keyboard. This keyboard has been touted to come with an OLED touchscreen dubbed the Dynamic Function Row, which comes to replace the top row of keys, but no changes to their application.

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