Report: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bursts While Charging via USB-C Converter

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to join the growing list of best-selling handsets in 2016 following the success Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have already had in the smartphone market.

The phablet has about a week in the market and in fact, it has not even reached some markets such as the UK and other parts of Europe. With the company reporting outstanding numbers when it comes to pre-orders, there is quite plenty to smile about back in South Korea. However, this happiness could be cut short following a disturbing happening that has been reported by one early adopter of the Galaxy Note 7 somewhere in China.

Apparently, the new Galaxy Note 7 blew up and ended up in a mess when being charged via a USB Type-C to microUSB converter. In case you didn’t know, the Galaxy Note 7 comes with a USB Type-C port in place of the aging microUSB port that was used on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. To keep using the microUSB cables that probably lie somewhere in your house, you need to get a converter.

The good side of the story is that Samsung is quite aware of this and as such, the Galaxy Note 7 comes bundled with a microUSB to USB-C converter. But whether the reported case was making use of the bundled converter or a third-party model is yet to be determined. However, it is recommended that you stick to using the bundled Samsung charger to get things done and in the process avoid any weird occurrences.

Galaxy Note 7

This is unusual for Samsung handsets, especially on a flagship with class like the Galaxy Note 7. If this turns out to be a widespread issue, Samsung might be facing huge losses, especially at a time when the Google Nexus 2016, LG V20 and iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone 6SE Plus) are just around the corner. Samsung has not responded to the situation yet, but we’ll keep up with the matter and let you know what exactly transpired down there in China.

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