Rumor: LG V20 May Not Have Modularity but Removable Battery to Continue

LG -V20

The upcoming LG V20 has been one of the anticipated devices of 2016 partly because it succeeds an innovative model like the LG V10, but largely because it will be the first device out of the box to carry Android Nougat.

The operating system has already been experienced by a few Nexus owners, but the sensation of getting a brand-new phone with this new operating system is unlikely to be offered on the Nexus device. Android Nougat brings several new aspects to the platform like multiwindow support and even better battery management.

The LG V20 is all set to be an improvement over the predecessor which came with two displays. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Edge series, the secondary display on the LG V20 is located just above the primary screen. In terms of the display size, the LG V20 is a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 since it has the same 5.7-inch screen. Furthermore, it is assisted by a secondary screen which will be in the region of 2.1 inches. The resolution of the secondary screen is rumored to have been improved.

LG V20

As the phone gets up for its official launch, one of the big aspects rumored to be offered on the new device is support for modularity. After having witnessed this feature make a significant impact on the Moto Z line up, it seems to be the way for future smartphones. LG already have had a successful entry into the modularity segment with the LG G5, but it was rumored that the LG V20 would take it to the next level. At present, the models are available for the LG G5 are not as popular or convenient to use as the modules available for the Moto Z line up. Hence, LG are reportedly planning to ditch this option.

One of the highlights of the LG G5 was its removable battery, which is fast becoming a non-existent feature on the high-end devices. This is likely to be offered just as on the LG G5. In theory, it remains as the fastest possible way to get full charge on a smartphone as one can just swap batteries rather than relying on features like quick charging or dash charging. Aside from being the first device to offer Android Nougat, the LG V20 will also offer first-class sound experience because of being the first device to offer 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. The phone is likely to sit top of the LG smartphone prices.

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