Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S8 May Have Dual Camera Setup


The rumors have been focusing on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 now that the company recently came out with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

After the last two versions of the Galaxy S series came out with two models, it remains to be seen if the Samsung Galaxy S8 will unite both variants just like the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has been overwhelmed with the response for the phones with edge display so much so that it is reportedly considering coming out with only one version when the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes at the start of 2017.

Several rumors about the device point out to the presence of features that will be an improvement over the current generation rather than being revolutionary. However, the device will at least be revolutionary in terms of the camera if rumors are to be believed. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is reportedly set to come with dual camera set up in the rear. Ironically, Apple are set to launch the new iPhone 7 with a similar feature and there will certainly be accusations that Samsung are trying to copy the feature.

Samsung Galaxy

Over the years, Samsung has faced numerous lawsuits from Apple but they have been going strong despite those setbacks. The latest generation Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has received a lot of positive response in the first few weeks of its launch so much so that Samsung are struggling to keep up with the demand worldwide. As a result, several markets have had sales temporarily stopped in order to catch up with production numbers. It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a 13-megapixel main rear camera which will be supplemented by a 12-megapixel camera alongside it. The exact use of this additional camera is not clear yet.

The front camera, though, is expected to be a neweight-megapixel shooter as seen in many of the competitors. However, this would be a first for Samsung in terms of the front camera since the company has largely stuck with the five-megapixel shooter even on its high-end models. After having performed exceptionally well with the curved display setup, it now seems time for Samsung to revolutionize the camera segment. However, it remains to be seen if Apple gets the march ahead since the iPhone 7 will be coming several months ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which can be expected only in March 2017.

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