Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 Android Nougat Update News

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 were unveiled in 2014, with the former coming in months before the latter.

With over two years on their belts, especially the Galaxy S5, it is possible that the recent Android Marshmallow update could be the final update these devices ever get to see. Looking at the “usual” cycle used by Samsung when it comes to rolling out major software updates, devices that are two years old and above rarely get the cut. Although the Galaxy Note 3 has recently started receiving the Marshmallow treat despite having been around since 2013, the story is not the same for the same year’s Galaxy S4.

Now that Android Nougat is already up and running on Google’s Nexus devices, many of those who still own the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 are wondering whether they will make the cut. Just recently, it emerged that devices running on a Snapdragon 801 and below could miss out on the Nougat update, something that has left Samsung Galaxy S5 owners disturbed. The Xperia Z3, which is based on the Snapdragon 801, was part of the Android Nougat beta testing program until it was dropped towards the end, eventually missing out on the fifth developer preview and subsequently the final stable version of the OS.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If this is the case, it might spell doom for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners, but the story could be totally different as far as the Galaxy Note 4 is concerned. Powered by a Snapdragon 805 chipset with 3GB RAM, the phone could be in line for an Android Nougat update, but be prepared to wait, just like with the case of the Galaxy Note 3 as far as the Marshmallow update is concerned.

Nevertheless, there is no official communication from neither Google nor Samsung regarding the availability of this update on either of the two phones. However, Android Nougat update should be a guarantee for the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 7 as well as Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.

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