Snapping Pictures on your Nougat Phone – A Thing of Beauty

Google Camera

Here are some tips and tricks for becoming an expert at using the Google camera for taking pictures on your Nougat powered Android phone.

Google Camera

In general, the camera is the most useful application on any phone. Google Camera has been specifically created for a Nexus device and it has continued to receive updates and new features, making it more powerful. The application is unbundled from the phone operating system, so the updates are received from PlayStore.

Within the Camera

The user does not need to the touch the icon for the camera in order to launch the application. There is a quick launch default enabled in the phone, allowing the camera to fire up just by pressing twice on the power button. Once the camera is running, you can select several options for different types of shots.

Panoramic Shots

For instance, the Photo Sphere allows you to take a panoramic, 360 degrees, view of the area and guides the user in taking single snaps from all around. The Panorama also offers a similar type of guidance, and allows users to capture wide photos by moving slowing all over the landscape.

Lens Blur

The feature can helpusers to capture animals or other objects in close up and then blur the other parts of the image, making the main subject stand out from the rest.

Lens Blur

Tweaking the Settings

The Camera app of Google phones is not as comprehensive when compared to those of other phones, but it does offer several options that you can change in the Settings. Users can turn on the grid in case of the viewfinder, but they cannot change its layout. They can also save the location of pictures and make changes to the image resolution, for the front and the back camera. The choices may differ according to the hardware of the particular phone.

Shortcuts with Nougat

The Nougat update for the Camera app coming with Nougat for Nexus phones and devices brings in a twist gesture for switching from the front to the back camera and vice versa. However, it is not the same as the feature seen on the Moto phones, as it cannot be used for launching the application. The feature only works when you have already opened the camera application.

The shortcut for power button has returned, so users can now launch the camera immediately by double pressing on the power button. However, for doing this, the feature has to be enabled in Settings.

A Thing of Beauty

The Android Nougat is finally here and it has to be said that it is a thing of real beauty, with respect to several of the new features, including the camera app features. There is no dramatic overhauling such as was seen in the Lollipop version. However, there are many refinements made to Marshmallow and several usability features as well. Android seems to have finally put the roots down and become more stable, with decreasing performance problems and more polish.

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