Source Code for Android 7.0 Released –Flashaholics can rejoice at Getting Sweet Treats Soon

Android 7.0

Those awaiting the new Android Nougat update will be happy to know that the source code has been released.

Consumers owning Nexus devices have started getting the new update, but many others are still waiting for their turn. It may even take a few months to get this new update.

Third Party Route

However, those of you who are not willing to patiently wait their turn for getting the new Android N on your phone can avail the third party method. Users familiar with tinkering will be pleased to know that Google has now released the source code of the Nougat update. Developers will be able to begin updating the software on their devices. For instance, it is now known that CyanogenMod has started integrating the new software in their 14.0 for the Nexus 5X.

Flashaholics Rejoice

Many other third party ROMs will also start doing the same, so all users will soon be able to flash the new update on their devices. It might still take some time for the updates to be ready, but it seems that the developers will surely be quicker to get it when compared to phone manufacturers or carriers. Talented and enthusiastic developers can build the Nougat based ROM from the source code. It is not necessary to run the stock Android on your phone, minus the extras that you are used to.

Updating Devices

After the release of every new Android version, developers begin to work at updating all the devices supported with the new source drop. CyanogenMod has started merging the source code for Nexus 5X devices. However, the developers are volunteers, so there is no exact date that you can expect for the release.

Android Nougat 7.0

Opening the Floodgates

Though Google has opened the floodgates of the source code, some devices, such as the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 (2013) will need to wait some time more for tasting the customized Nougat, as there is no official support offered for these devices by Google. In case of other phones and tablets, that is, non-Nexus ones, they will have to depend on the carrier or their OEMs.

OTA Updates

Google has launched the Nougat with OTA updates and these should normally be arriving for the eligible Nexus phones and tablets, either in the near or in the immediate future. Normally Google launches a new version of Android along with revealing a new Nexus device. This time around, Google is breaking the tradition and launching the new software alone.

Excitement In the Air

Nougat is bringing in a lot of interesting and new features and there is a lot of excitement in the air. For instance, users can run two apps at the same time using the multi window feature. Many Android phones have seen this functionality earlier, but it is now baked in pure Android and that is great news. There are also other makeovers, for instance in the Notifications shades, allowing the user to reply to a message directly from it. It also offers more ease of use to owners of the devices, with enhanced Settings, improved navigation, and fluid switching between two favorite or recent applications and so on.

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