Titanfall 2 Beta Test Changes May Reduce Final Game’s Quality

Titanfall 2 Beta

The developers at Respawn Entertainment were daring enough to change Titanfall 2 into a completely different game by making it more grounded along with a single player campaign.

Players on Playstation 4 and Xbox One were not so happy with most of the changes. Sadly, PC gamers were left out of the open beta stating some insane reasons. If Respawn has decided to provide the open beta for Titanfall 2 on computers, maybe those who play with an actual keyboard and mouse could have shared their opinion on how good or bad the game is.

Titanfall 2 minimized a lot of things including wall running, jumping, sprinting and according to people who played on consoles is more reliant on player skills. A lot of people hated automatic pistol used in Titanfall because it made it too easy while for some it was fun. From what has happened so far, it looks like Xbox One and PS4 gamers didn’t like the level of difficulty and the gameplay tactics used in the new version of the mech shooter.

Titanfall 2

One of the map provided in the beta was too open, according to players. It is best played while you are seated inside a Titan or using the grappling hook to your advantage. For any average first person shooter, such maps are mandatory to enjoy the experience. Call of Duty maps are usually small unlike Battlefield while Titanfall 2 probably tried to fill the space in between these two games.

A lot of people were not happy with it as they missed the wall running and jumping action that enabled them to be on the move all the time. Some of the issues that plagued the first game returns. The AI bots are stupid as they have always been even though Respawn developers claim that they have made them aware of the map and more responsive. Getting to fill your Titan meter could be trouble especially when aiming to take down opponents using assisted aiming.

All these issues seem to be more specific to consoles than the actual game. If the developers could simply remove AI bots and increase number of players in each map, PC gamers would be more than happy to reap kills with their precise gaming mouse. Earning a titan will be a big time reward in this FPS but a lot of issues prevail on the console version. How will Titanfall 2 be on launch? We hope it’s not as bad as we expect.

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