Titanfall 2 Devs Introduce Six New Titans With New Gameplay Video

Titanfall 2 Devs Introduce Six New Titans

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall 2 has released a new gameplay video that reveals six new titans and how they work.

The game definitely looks promising like never before because of a single player campaign mode, new titans, weapons, maps and even the classic maps from the original Titanfall are being recreated for the new game. The cast of titans are revealed with each one of their own powers, names and surprisingly a personality that is going to change how the multiplayer battles roll.

Legion is strong at defense and has a massive railgun that he can use to wipe out multiple pilots at the same time. He is quick to respond with increased strength and durability. While legion defends the area, other titans who are more offensive can jump into the battle and kill them all. Another one is Ronin who true to his name has samurai like powers. He’s really fast, can jump on walls we hope and has a huge blade which Ronin plunges into his enemies.

Titanfall 2 Devs

The cinematics for the Titanfall 2 titans reveal trailer is simply superb and it sucks you into this action packed world like never before. Northstar has the power to take down specific pilots from a distance. Instead of making random shots, this particular titan has the power to precisely target and take down an opponent. Similarly, Ion has the power to use three different weapons and can lay waste to the enemy with his ion cannon.

This particular titan is expected to have EMP abilities which should neutralize other titans for a short period. The time gained through such an attack will allow the entire team to acquire the objective or kill the enemy before they could fight back. A perfectly timed EMP missile from Ion could change the battle completely. Scorch is the sixth titan with firepower and when we say it, we literally mean it.

The titan can emit fire from his gun which should kill all enemy pilots in front of it. Other titans will be able to withstand the attack but the heat and flames will keep them apart. Titanfall 2 has more choices and different titans which makes it more of a MOBA like game.

With different vehicles, you have the freedom to form a team of your own with an offensive, defensive and an all-rounder Titan to win the round. The game is set for launch on October 28th.

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