Titanfall 2 Undergoes Some Massive Changes, Respawn Details Them In Their Blog

Titanfall -2

The Titanfall 2 beta test on PS4, Xbox One consoles was a partial success.

Players found lot of things to complain about and Respawn entertainment responded to it by fixing some of them to make the game interesting.

When compared to Titanfall, Titanfall 2 is miles away in terms of gameplay, titan movements and overall physics. But, owing to fan feedback, the developers had to make some drastic changes. The list has been detailed in their blog post. Here are some of the highlights from the update.

Cloak visibility of pilots has been increased slightly while damage fall off for charge rifles has been bumped up. The amped weapons boost was previously spammed in the open beta test. Players could use it as soon as the boost meter was at 50% and it allowed them to keep using it multiple times that unbalanced the gameplay. The new update changes it to 80% before one can make use of the weapon.

Titanfall 2

Other major changes are made to player movement. Respawn Entertainment announced that they have significantly bumped up the wall running speed, air and base wall running speed besides the acceleration a player receives when he jumps off a wall. It enables everyone to cover more distance and reach spots quickly than before. Titan dash can now be recharged two seconds earlier than the previous number.

While it is clear that the developers have changed Titanfall 2’s multiplayer component by a huge number, specifics are limited at the moment. We know that base jump and wall run speed has been increased but Respawn didn’t detail by what percent they have increased it.

Earning a titan is always an accomplishment and each player has to individually contribute to the game in order to earn their own titan. A titan meter progress will be displayed that fills up as you complete objectives and contribute to the team’s success. Once you successfully pass the initial stages, your titan fall will be ready.

Most PC gamers are quite annoyed with Respawn because the entire goal behind this beta test is to check how Titanfall 2 servers respond under load. But, the developers conveniently skipped PC out of the context and tested it for PS4, Xbox One consoles. They stated that computers have too many configurations to cater to. Will it run optimally on PCs? It can be confirmed only when Titanfall 2 is out and reviewed on a high-end Windows 10 computer.

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