Top Things You can Do Now with Android Nougat That You Couldn’t Before – Nougat Makes Life Easier

Android Nougat 7.0

We list here some of the top things that you can now do with your new Android Nougat powered device, which you couldn’t before.

The new Android 7.0, Android Nougat, has started to roll out to Nexus phones and devices. It will gradually reach devices by other OEMs and manufactures also in the next few months.

What’s the Change?

If you have already downloaded the OTA update or even if you are still waiting for the notification, you can read about the top new features that will change the way you do things on your device with Android Nougat in place.

Running Apps Simultaneously

Android finally brings in split screen mode, so users can open two apps at the same time side by side. The feature works great on a tablet or on a bigger screen size on phones. Access the feature by tapping on the square overview button for opening multitasking view. Drag the title bar of one app to the upper or the left part of your screen and choose another application for viewing beside it. You can also change the size of each window by dragging upwards or towards the right.

Improved Battery Life

Marshmallow brought in the exciting Doze feature, which put the phone and the applications in a low power mode, when it detects that the device is not being used. In this mode, the apps search for an update or an alert less number of times and this improves battery life. Doze has now become smarter and is aware that your phone is not being used when it bounces in your pocket. Users can always exclude a certain application from Doze.

Top Things Now with Android Nougat

Revamping the Settings Page

The settings page has seen a change in Nougat and offers significant information on your device screen, before you open a menu. For instance, users can view the volume level, the battery level, the Wi Fi network that they have connected to, the memory usage and so on.

Replying to Notifications

Even the earlier versions of the software did come with quick actions in notifications alerts, but the new 7.0 Nougat takes it more ahead. Users can reply to an incoming message from notifications before jumping into the application. The feature will need support from the application in order to work, but Hangouts and Messenger from Google already work well with this feature.

More Emoticons Available

The OS offers more emojis now, actually 72 in number and this takes the total to more than a 1500 emoticons. Users will not longer be stuck for want of emoticons to express their feelings. The new emojis added include a shark and an avocado as well as medals in gold, silver as well as bronze.

Jumping between Applications

Though this is a minor upgrade, it can be very useful. Users can tap twice on the button for Overview and move to the previous application. By tapping twice, they can return to the application, so this makes switching between one app and another, such as maps app and the music app while driving, much easier.

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