‘Touch Disease’ is An Apple iPhone Killing Flaw


If a recent report is to be believed, the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus may have expiration dates which aren’t related to outdated technology or failing batteries.

Some users have said that with time, the touchscreen on their phones become unresponsive, and a flickering gray bar eventually appears on top of the screen. At this point, the phone is dead.

While it may operate intermittently afterward, it is unlikely the phone will make a complete recovery. What was an attractive piece of engineering will only be operable via Siri.

This report comes from iFixit. They started off as a repair vendor for iPhones and Macs. But today, they are a catch-all website which features guides that can help you repair almost any consumer electronics. They received reports about this issue with the touchscreen from the repair shops they supply spare parts to.

Apple iPhone

This condition has now been called the “Touch Disease” and appears to affect the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which have been around for hardly a couple of years now. The main cause of this is related to the touch responsiveness chips in the iPhone. If the chips get disconnected or go bad, the phone will stop responding to touch. The solder which links the chips with the logic board of the phone is weakened in devices with this problem.

The fix is a relatively simple one if you are willing to open your phone and get your soldering iron out. Alternatively, you could hire a micro-solderer to do it for you.

Unfortunately, Apple technicians aren’t properly equipped for these repairs and people have no other option apart from paying for a logic board replacement.

Structural problems which only show up deep into the life of a product isn’t a new phenomenon. Apple isn’t a stranger to this issue either. With consumers now willing to wait longer between upgrading their phones, flaws like this aren’t just an annoyance anymore; they are costly failures.

Do you own an iPhone? How long has it been?

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