Toyota BMW Sports Car Production To Begin Once Z4 Production Ends

Toyota BMW Sports Car Production

BMW Z4 is soon going to go out of production and when it does, the Toyota BMW partnership kicks in.

The companies are going to join hands to produce an amazing flagship sports car.

The report comes from a leading automobile magazine that claimed that the Valencia Orange Metallic Z4. The roadster had its best days but has lost its sheen in recent years. The second generation produced by BMW didn’t reach customers as it should. Just 113,000 vehicles were produced and some of them sold well in other regions but it fared very bad in the U.S.

The numbers dropped drastically in the year 2015 when BMW Z4 sold just a little less than 2,000 cars that made the auto brand think twice about refreshing the lineup. The Z4 is quite a beast on the road and delivered the best performance. It used a single turbo inline six 3.0-liter engine which delivered up to 335 horsepower and had 332 lb feet of torque. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds.


BMW is always known for innovating the best vehicles out of their stable. This time, they are not going to do it alone but seek help from Toyota and share the expertise they have to offer. It has been confirmed that a sports car is in development. Being in its alpha stage, very little information is available with regards to theupcoming model.

The upcoming flagship is going to be in the lines of the Z4. It is a known fact that the BMW Z4 didn’t lose in terms of sales due to lack of performance or style. Branding and marketing strategies to could help a model reach the customers. BMW plans to fix their mistakes this time and create the Toyota BMW Supra sports car.

The concept is highly speculated at the moment and in worst case scenario, the brands may choose to drop the idea for now. Reports indicate that the team might go for an inline six cylinder engine and a possible plug-in hybrid powertrain is also being considered. Offering sports car like performance with a hybrid is technically a bit tough. Auto manufacturers usually shy away from it due to these constraints but with changing times it has become mandatory to set a new benchmark.

Can the Toyota BMW partnership pay way for the ultimate flagship sports car? We will know real soon.

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