Twitter Makes Tweeting in the Dark Easier


Twitter wants to make it easier for its users to tweet in the dark.

Just a couple of months after they began testing a night mode which enhanced contrast (apart from a number of other features) for their Android app, even iOS users have now been added to their after dark party.

To enable this function, you simply tap on the gear icon that is found in the “Me” tab. You are going to find the night mode toggle option there alongside a number of other options. There isn’t any way in which you can schedule it though; which means you’ll have to manually toggle it whenever you want to use Twitter in the dark.

Once it is enabled, night mode adds a gentle tint to the app’s background, and this surrounds everything under the background photo of the user. In order to go back to the original background, you have to follow the same steps and turn night mode off.

Twitter Makes Tweeting Easier

The corporation says that night mode is going to be available for iOS users immediately, but there’s no new update available for the app. It’s most likely going to be an over-the-air update. It may take a few restarts before the feature shows up. If you are having trouble finding this feature, be ready to refresh your app multiple times before going to bed. You wouldn’t want to have to go through another night without this feature.

If you do not want to see any content that may make it hard for you to sleep, just before you hit the bed, you should consider enabling another feature called the quality filter. This is going to prevent any duplicate tweets or tweets which Twitter considers automated from showing up on your feed. This will reduce the instances of only bullying or harassment for sure.

Have you tried out this feature yet? Did it help?

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