Using the Multi Window Feature of Android Nougat, 7.0 – A Long Overdue Feature for the Mobile OS

Android 7.0

The Multi Window or split view is one of the important new features of Android 7.0, so here are some tips to make use of it effectively.

Useful Feature for Multi tasking

The split window view or the multi window view is a feature that has been long overdue for Google’s OS. The feature has been seen in the customized skin offered by Samsung TouchWiz and allows users to use two applications and view them simultaneously. This is a useful feature when users are active on social media apps and also want to browse the Internet at the same time.

Figuring it out

However, users might find it a little complex to figure out how the feature works. Here we can show users the way to select another application and keep it beside the earlier one that they were using. They can also select an application that is not shown in the application switcher.

Using the Multi Windows View

When you are in a particular application, just hold the Recent Apps button down. Next, you can select an application from the recent apps. However, if the particular app that you wish to open is not visible in this view, you can tap on the Home button. All applications do not offer support for the multi window feature or mode, so you might see that warning if this is the case for the application that is selected.

When you tap on the second application, provided it is compatible with the multi view feature, you have successfully set up the split view mode.

Multi Window Feature of Android Nougat

Changing and Resizing

You can drag on the line dividing the two apps, either to the left or to the right and resize the two apps. You can also tap on Home and find another secondary application or tap on the Split Screen button seen on the lower right corner for selecting an app that you have recently opened and used.

Marquee Feature

Though the new Android 7.0 brings in several new features, the multi window or split window mode is remarkably useful. It is built on the multitasking functionalities and allows users to display two applications at the same time. This feature lags behind a similar one offered by iOS. Apple had offered several ways for viewing several applications in the iOS 9, such as the Split View, the Slide Over and the Picture in Picture modes. It should also be remembered that Microsoft was the first one to introduce the side-by-side application view on its Windows RT platform, that too way back in the year 2012.

Will Your Device Get the New Feature?

Not all phone owners will be able to use this feature, as Android Nougat may not be available for all Nexus phones or for many other phones for that matter. However, if you are using a modern Nexus phone or a tablet, you can use this functionality today. You can run two applications simultaneously, side by side, on your mobile phone or tablet and the feature also supports the picture in picture mode, in case of video playback.

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