Using Smartphones to Help with Face or Object Recognition

Smartphones to Help with Face or Object Recognition

More and more people all over the world are becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones for their daily activities with each passing day.

Even though these handsets are available in various platforms, Android devices are the most sought after for two pivotal reasons. One aspect is that it is Android that picks up faster for its apps and just about anything else when compared to other operating systems. The second factor may seemingly be less important but has proved to be a valid reason as well. When you opt for Android smartphones, you have a gamut of manufacturers to choose from.

Offered by users’ very own favorite Google, Android smartphones are seriously working in conjunction with this tech giant to offer support for face and object recognition. Although these are at present supported by some gadgets, continuous enhancement is being made to improvise the recognition ability. This can be quite helpful to those of you who have seen a face once and are not able to remember the next time where you saw it first. This all new feature from Android handsets is working to put your embarrassment at rest.

With this feature successfully implemented on your device, your smartphone will now start identifying people and objects you encounter as part of your daily routine. Once the identification process is complete, the identified details are stored by the handset in its memory. When you meet the same person again, the device assists you in recollecting the person. This need not be in the same environment where you met him or her last. Any place like a supermarket, a park or even public transport is just fine. As for objects, you will be able to identify where you saw them. Not only that, the stored objects can help you with translating signs and assisting differently abled people. With more and more people relying on face recognition, you can also form a group and of photos and videos that have the same people featured in them. This can pave way to creating a wide friendship network, and can even possibly be a source of threat for Facebook and other social media!

Object Recognition to Smartphones

To implement the recognition technology, Google has opted for a machine learning approach by using a software algorithm called design learning. This software is in some ways modeled on a few features of human brains. In other words, the software is programmed to work in more or less the same way that a human brain functions. Recognition of objects takes place by processing several sample photographs of the object through an artificial neuron network in various layers. Google brought out the recognition feature by working in close association with Movidious. It may be recalled at this point that, this is not the first time that the giant has opted for this alliance. The earlier joint venture was for the development of the Project Tango 3D mapping initiative.

Google put image recognition to test for the first time with its Google Photos app. However, the major drawback in this case was that users had to first make available the preferred images online by uploading them. Once this was done, you could shortlist those images that had the required criteria you were looking out for by typing out the search term. In contrast, things have now become far simpler with all the analysis and calculations being done on the smartphones itself.

Today, most smartphones support the face and object recognition functionalities by integrating the required software along with their cameras. This can save you the trouble of having to download and install a separate app that takes up extra space on your phone. A point really worth noting in this regard is that face recognition can actually help you to keep your smartphone more secure than before. There will be no need for you to meddle with a combination of numbers or a dotted pattern (that anyone is bound to guess) to unlock your smartphone. You can set your handset to unlock only if it recognizes your face thus ensuring that no one will ever read your messages, mails or just about anything that you would want to keep totally private. It will also be possible have full assurance of the safety of the authorized transactions, especially those done online. Things cannot get safer than this, can they?

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