Varsovia Motor Company Unveils Luxury Hybrid Concept Car

Varsovia Motor Company Luxury Hybrid Car

A lot of new automobile companies are joining the fray and the newest one is the Varsovia Motor Company which has unveiled a new luxury hybrid concept car ready to take down the Tesla Model S.

The first car has been named Varsovia named after the brand. The range extending hybrid car utilizes a powerful petrol engine with an electric motor and has an eloquent interior that boasts of an elite finish. A company named Kadler has designed the new concept car. According to the developers, the hybrid is “a brand new approach to create a super luxury car.”

While it’s still in its early concept stages, the numbers are extremely impressive. The Varsovia car provides a solid 217 miles on a single charge even before it switches to the petrol engine. When combined with the conventional engine, the hybrid can run up to 528 miles which is truly impressive. The model has a set new benchmark for every other automaker out there and it might definitely make Tesla to think twice before they launch a new model in 2018.

Varsovia Luxury Hybrid Car

It’s not just the mileage but the concept can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds. Testing its acceleration capability at the moment is impossible but let’s believe in the words of the developers and assume this would go as fast as they claim it to be. The design is out of the world with wing mirrors, quilter front grille and a near-to-the-ground body design.

The engineers working with the Varsovia concept hybrid model might make a number of changes to the car before it hits stores. We are not even sure if this could actually translate into real car as it requires lot of time, investment and to convince buyers to go for a completely unknown brand.

The front passenger seat has been removed from the car, a futuristic move. Instead, it paves way for a mobile office setup. The back seat’s position can be adjusted and you can actually do your job in the built-in computer. It has two 19-inch transparent displays which can be folded and pushed to the roof. The concept happens to have a panoramic sun roof and the transparent displays ensure they don’t block light even when in folded position.

Designed to offer maximum comfort, the seats have both heating and cooling capabilities. Everything is ambitious in this Varsovia concept and we are looking forward to its launch.

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