Watch Dogs 2 Devs Release 20 Minute Video To Detail Co-op And Multiplayer Modes

Watch Dogs 2

A huge Watch Dogs 2 video from Ubisoft is now available online and it showcases San Francisco in a completely new perspective. Compared to the gloomy and kind of boring Chicago, the new city is sprawling with activity.

Open world gaming in Watch Dogs 2 has been polished to the car. If you don’t hack into a car or a smartphone, it won’t be surprising if you assume you are actually playing GTA V with a new lead character. As expected, everything in the world is hackable and it makes it interesting especially when you use the environment to your advantage.

The first part of the clip shows how Marcus Holloway, the lead protagonist identifies that someone else is trying to tap into the data available in the city. He makes use of the quadcopter and identifies the Stingray device fixed on top of a tall coit tower. It actually belongs to a malicious organization that has some objectives of their own. Deadsec, the group with which Marcus is associated sets off to save the population from being hacked and robbed of all their belongings.

Watch Dogs 2 Devs Release 20 Minute Video

Unlike the previous game, driving controls have significantly improved in Watch Dogs 2. When Marcus travels a short distance using a car, it is evident that the controls are tighter and he can easily maneuver it through the corners. San Francisco is an amazing option as the city has so many places to visit. The animation director Colin Graham explains how they have made the city accessible. People can even visit the Alcatraz prison if they like to, go for a boat ride, visit some of the monuments or drop into to silicon valley where the entire technological culture was born in the first place.

Marcus has access to the entire world but at the same time he is a potential target whenever he enters restricted zone. In the video, the lead animator explains how he has to hack a door and distract workers in the ground floor by making using use of his RC jumper. An idea that the team implemented is players have the option to complete the entire game without killing a single person.

There are plenty of non-lethal weapons available in-game besides the host of electronic equipment that you can control with the flick of a button. Watch Dogs 2 seem to be promising at the moment with a mix of co-op, multiplayer and single player missions all packed into a single world.


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