Watch Dogs 2 – Things That Make Hacking And Roaming Fun

The Gamescom 2016 trailer for Watch Dogs 2 was breathtaking. It was obvious that the game has evolved a lot from its original version and now looks more fun than it has ever been.

Ubisoft has removed Aiden from the storyline which is an unexpected move. Most of us expected the story to continue with a seasoned hacker and his revenge saga. The original Watch Dogs was all about how he lost his family. The new game is on a totally different scale set in San Francisco. This time, it consists of members of Dedsec group and they are not rugged protagonists.

Driven by a group of young, ambitious people, it’s time to take control of the city and mark your territory. Hacking in Watch Dogs 2 is super fun because you are no longer restricted to simple missions but rather can hack into cars, laptops or even remote vehicles to take down your enemies. Multiplayer mode is super fun because the game allows you to simply walk by and pick a partner on the road so you both could engage in action packed heists.

Such level of realism and immersive gameplay was never found in Watch Dogs. It was more of a story driven title but Watch Dogs 2 takes things forward in a new route. Good news, it is not about warfare and killing all the time. While missions are plenty where you take down banks, military cargo and other highly protected zones, there are some light moments.

Watch Dogs 2

Join with a friend to simply cruise around the city. It is a bit like GTA V but the game has a life of its own and feels totally different. You can literally hack anything and create chaos in the bustling streets. Even when you are not hacking, roaming in a car with a buddy is fun as the city is large and offers enough scope to keep you entertained.

There are even large portions of sea where two players can jump on cruise boasts to explore. In other scenarios, players who are not in your crew will constantly try to hack into your devices and kill you. The bigger tasks you accomplish, the more reward they gain and it’s purely based on individual survival skills. Watch Dogs 2 explore multiple aspects in an open world game and we can’t wait to experience it when it gets launched by the end 2016.

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