Wax Liquidizers versus Terpenes: Which Solution is best for your THC Vape Juice

Primarily, making THC vape juice at home is simple. You do not need expensive laboratory equipment. All you need instead is the wax (or distillate) and a few add-ons to make your vaping experience better.

Note, you do not have to add those other solutions. However, these liquids are suitable for your vaping experience. With them, you can eliminate adverse health conditions, and is the best way to sustain your vape pen and its battery.

The most common solutions are wax, liquidizers, and terpenes. As you shop, you will come across these two solutions. Novice vapers can have problems selecting between a wax liquidizer and a terpene solution.

Should you even use them, or should you not? This article digs deeper to know more about these two solutions.

From a basic understanding

Wax liquidizers are solutions that convert THC concentrate into oil or vape juice. The good thing about these liquidizers is that they come in different flavors. It will add some taste to your vape juice. Generally, vape juice is almost tasteless.

On the other hand, terpenes offer almost the same abilities as the wax liquidizers. It can turn wax into a potent THC vape juice and adds some flavor to it. Besides that, users can add terpenes to beverages, joints, buds, and any other cannabis extract.

Terpenes are a general word for flavor. Almost all plants in the world have terpenes on them. These terpenes are scents or taste that plant use for protection and to attract insects, which encourage pollination to take place.

Cannabis has its terpene. You do not have to add any extract when smoking flower. However, you will have to add to your THC concentrate because by the time it turns into this state, it will have a few or no terpenes into it.  In addition to flavor, terpenes reduce throat hit during inhaling.

Terpenes will also come in handy when you purchase pre-filled cartridges often. Sometimes, the oil within the chamber could be too thick to burn. Hence, adding a few drops of terpenes to the mixture could help in thinning it without affecting the potency of THC.

Thickening or thinning a THC solution depends on your preference.

Similarities and differences between wax liquidizers and terpenes

From the above points, we can draw out some comparison.  Both solutions are similar in the sense that:

–    Both add flavor

–    Reduce negative health concerns caused by smoking

–    You can use them as diluents and thickeners

–    Both do not overpower the THC’s potency

–    Are usable with a pre-filled cartridge

Differences include:

–    Wax liquidizers are not plant extracts necessarily

–    Terpenes have a more extensive use than wax liquidizers

Which of the two should you use?

Vapers want clear-cut experiences for their THC oil. That is why you will never find a standard answer for this. Moreover, if there is, the information could be further from the truth.

Your need should be your priority. Once you consider the effect that you want to achieve, then you can make a solid decision. If you have both solutions at home, you can use them both for the same e-liquid.

All you have to do is add the wax liquidizer to your wax. Ensure that you have the right mixing ratios. Otherwise, you will get a rather annoying final mix. Then heat the mixture. After you have the final blend, add a maximum of two drops to the mix.

Limiting the number of terpenes you add is crucial. The flavor could overpower the overall taste of the THC concentrate if you do it in excess. Moreover, most vapers still want to experience the vape oil’s taste. Meaning, appropriate rations will bring balance.

Should you buy wax liquidizer or terpenes?

Your budget should be your determinant. If you have the money, then there is no harm in buying both solutions. On the other hand, if you have to choose, the only advice that would be right for you is to select quality solutions.

Both function well with your THC oil or pre-filled cartridges. Additionally, your vape pen will also benefit from a good wax liquidizer or terpenes. With the right viscosity, you can vape without having to use much of your battery. Meaning, you have to ensure that you also buy the right battery for vaping.

Store the solution you buy correctly. Wrong storage options could destroy the overall strength in it. Because of this, retailers will provide all the information you need, including mixing ratios and the right storage environments.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between wax liquidizers and terpenes should not be a battle, especially when using it for your THC vape juice. Both provide the same benefits.

The only requirement you should be watchful about is ensuring that you always have high-quality solutions. High-quality solutions do not demand that you use a lot of it. Small drops can be beneficial for your THC vape juice or pre-filled cartridge as long as you use the right proportions.