WhatsApp 2.16.248 Beta Available with Minor Changes

WhatsApp Update

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is undoubtedly the leading instant messaging platform in the world today. The application currently boasts a whopping over 1.1 billion users sharing billions of messages every day.

The popularity of the service, however, does not depend on the number of features it has but on the perfection with which these functions offered.

WhatsApp built its reputation since inception as a unique, interesting, user-friendly and a comprehensive chatting platform with the least number of bugs, crashes, and other issues. The service was purchased by Facebook in a multi-billion buyout which saw over US$20 billion exchange hands but that has not stopped the developers from making chatting on the platform even a better experience. The WhatsApp development team has always made sure that new features function by the books before releasing them to the public and that’s the essence of numerous beta updates released almost daily. At the beta phase, the team does immense testing in terms of compatibility, bandwidth, and ease until they satisfy the application works properly. However, the process seems to slow the rate at which features are added to the platform.

The application is available on several platforms but more focus is on Android and iOS OS, the most popular mobile operating systems. The latest update is meant for the former and it comes with no major changelog except the usual bug fixes and system improvements as well as some evidence supporting the improvement of the mentions feature. Perhaps most users are not aware of the mentions function, well it is meant to bring a new way of adding members to a group by sending them group invites links. Here is what you need to know about WhatsApp 2.16.248 beta.

First, the latest messenger update weighs 25.91MB, which is a reduction of 131KB from the previous APK file. The download file has 310 files modified with 180 related to icons and emoji. In addition, two new files have been added in relations to the mentions feature and they are; conversation_row_unsupported.xml and mentions_row.xml. Remember, WhatsApp 2.16.248 update can only be installed on devices running Android v2.3.4 and higher. Finally, it will experience fewer crashes compared to the previous download file, thanks to the stability beef up.

WhatsApp Update

Once again, there is no mention of the Video Calling feature but we still hope it will be coming soon. Meanwhile, users can enjoy the recently added voicemail feature.

How to Install WhatsApp 2.16.248 Beta

You will not be able to take advantage of the new enhancements on the application unless you get the app installed on your smartphone. Getting the latest WhatsApp testing version is very simple for those who have already joined the Beta Testing program. Just search WhatsApp 2.16.248 in Play Store and install it. Those who have not enrolled in the program can visit the Google Play Store web page and tap the ‘BECOME A TESTER’ button.

The APK file is also available for download on the internet for those who cannot access the official Android store. However, caution must be taken when doing so because there is a number of masquerading APK files out there.

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