WhatsApp Beta 2.16.242 for Android Available with Hidden way to Send GIFs

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WhatsApp has received a beta update taking the app to version 2.16.242 for Android phones. The app developers always release testing versions to some group of users and expect feedback to help them build stable versions later.

The Facebook-owned chat client boasts over a billion monthly active users and is the world’s most used instant messaging platform. With that titanic number of users, the developers work around the clock to make sure the app is always up and running smoothly.

WhatsApp has several sharing options like contact sharing, audio sharing, video sharing, location sharing, photo sharing and lately document sharing. The ability to send word and pdf files was the latest sharing option. These options make the app really convenient for any use-casual or official. However, support for GIFs is still lacking for the full dose. The support has been rumored for some time now but those responsible for the chat giant are yet to respond.

WhatsApp users who are keen on the beta releases must have realized there is intention to drop the feature soon as there are files related to GIFs being added. But even as we wait, GIF file format is very popular with some folks and they cannot just wait any longer. That’s why we are here to show you how to do it with the latest beta release even before it becomes official.

As we said, there are traces of support in some recent beta releases so does the latest update-version 2.16.242. With this version you can actually send videos as GIFs at least for now. However, before you do that you need to have some prior knowledge as the feature is hidden. Furthermore, it is only available for Android users so iPhone owners will have to wait a little longer.

The latest WhatsApp beta version allows users to record videos and convert them to GIFs. For now, it’s impossible to send GIFs from the gallery or attach them as media files. Besides, GIF links show up as an animated image in a row, that is, only the URL will appear. The ability to share an existing file or converting it to a GIF has not been added as well.

How to convert a recorded video into a GIF 

  • Open any conversation, then hit attachment icon
  • On the drop down menu, choose Camera> Record Video
  • Record your video, then tap OK
  • Tap on the upper right corner camcorder icon until it switches to a GIF icon
  • Send

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WhatsApp will automatically convert the recorded video into a GIF which will be embedded within the conversation and will play right within the app. Remember the created GIF will not be easily found in the phone memory. However, you can trace the original MP4 file in Animated GIFs>Sent folder. Besides, the converted GIFs will not last more than 6 seconds.

There is no concrete information about when WhatsApp will fully support GIFs. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the hidden function from the latest beta version. The version can be downloaded from trusted third party sites like Android Police or APK Mirror. All the same, there is even easier way of getting WhatsApp testing updates-enrolling in the Beta Testing Program on Google Play Store webpage.

Last but not least, recall WhatsApp v12.16.242 is a testing version and may be unstable. Though few or no bugs are experienced in most cases, it is prudent to take precaution: be sure your data is backed up so that incase of anything unbecoming happens you are safe. Otherwise, the beta update apart from the hidden GIFs sharing feature, comes with the usual fixes and functionality improvements to give that cool chatting experience.

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