WhatsApp Beta Updated to Version 2.16.246 for Android Phones

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There is a new WhatsApp beta for Android users and its version 2.16.246. The developer of the widely used instant messaging platform has made releasing beta updates for testing before rolling out a stable version a custom.

The practice gives everyone an equal chance of reporting a bug they encounter as they use the client. Today we are talking about the latest testing update for Android devices.

First and foremost, most WhatsApp beta updates do not add anything new instead the main focus is on fixing bugs and system stabilization. We are also aware that the developers are working on new features whose step by step progress are included in the series of the beta releases. Currently, the team is focused on integrating support for GIFs and Video Calling function. Unfortunately, none of them has been activated in the latest testing version. Here is all you need to know about WhatsApp beta 2.16.246;

We start by looking at the weight, and the installation file weighs 70KB more than the previous APK file. The file has more than 580 files altered with the majority in relation to functions of the app as usual. Additionally, 7 new icons have been included and they are; avatar_server_psa, balloon_centered_normal.9, avatar_server_psa_large, balloon_centered_pressed.9, input_emoji_white, ic_verified and input_kbd_white as well as the addition of two new files-backup_restore.xml and conversation_row_text_center.xml.

While there are signs of support for GIFs, there is still no word on the long-awaited Video Calling but we guess it will not be long before that happens. WhatsApp currently cannot compete directly with the likes of FaceTime and Skype who are dominating video calling space. The introduction of voice calling feature contributed massively to the rise of the chat client to prominence.

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Install WhatsApp Beta 2.16.246

The latest WhatsApp testing version is available for direct installation, thanks to WhatsApp BETA Testing Program. All you need to do is run a search for the version on the official Android store then proceed to install and sign up with your number. Unfortunately, the result will only show up if you’ve already enrolled in the Program. Nonetheless, non-testers can as well join by registering on the Google Play Store website.

We also understand some Android devices have problems in accessing the Play Store. In that case, you will have to go the manual way: go to the internet, search WhatsApp beta 2.16.246, download and install it on your device. However, you will have to take full responsibility for any damage caused by the download file to your device.

In conclusion, the version is in beta phase and may be unstable, however, that has always not been the case. Just in case you find something untidy, you can always go back to the Play Store for the stable version.  Users should also keep in mind that WhatsApp has launched a data-sharing program with the parent company, Facebook, which has been added to the new terms and conditions. So as you install the application make sure you read the terms so that you don’t agree to anything blindly.

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