WhatsApp Latest BETA Version 2.16.260 for Android Devices Offers Voice-mail Like Features

WhatsApp for Android Devices

There is nothing unknown about the popularity of WhatsApp and its applicability around the world.

It is one of the best free instant messaging app available for iOS-based, Android-based devices and for other smartphones too. WhatsApp web is available now to sync and access your WhatsApp account from your computer or desktop too. WhatsApp uses an internet connection to let you send instant messages or to make calls to your friends and family at any corner of the globe without any international call charges. It syncs with the contacts from your smartphone and easily connects you to other WhatsApp users from your contact list. You can also send and receive pictures, videos, voice messages, documents, etc. You can also create a group by inviting up to 256 participants for a single group and start a chat or conversation. It is a very easy way to stay in constant touch with your friends and family. You can also broadcast messages to many contacts at a time, share your location, share contacts, and get missed-call notifications. WhatsApp also saves messages when you are offline till you use the app again. The best part of it is that all this comes for free!

Most of the users download the latest version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. This is the safest and most recommended way to install the updated versions of the app. However, sometimes it takes a longer time for download from the Play Store. So to get the BETA changes and updated features, the latest versions can also be downloaded directly from the official website for WhatsApp. You don’t have to uninstall the older version; the new version will be automatically updated once the latest APK file is downloaded.

whatsapp voice mail

Here is what’s new with WhatsApp’s Latest BETA Version 2.16.260

Every update comes with new and latest features for the apps. The latest version of WhatsApp 2.16.260 also offers many new updates and features. The most important features that have been included in the latest version of WhatsApp is backup for chats on the Google drive, notifications for individual contacts, new call features, a feature to mark chats as unread and a lot more. The new version also allows you to send PDFs, documents and zip files as attachments to other WhatsApp users.

Another interesting feature that has been introduced is that while making a WhatsApp call, you can now also leave a voice message in case your call has not been answered, just like a voicemail. Missed call notifications are now displayed in the chat column.

WhatsApp’s latest BETA version 2.16.260 also offers giant emoticons, which will probably be liked by many users. However, these giant emoticons are being tested and are currently active only in the BETA version of the app. They might be released sometime in the near future for public use.

The BETA version 2.16.260 has an APK installation file size of 27.73 MB. It requires a minimum of Android OS version 2.3.4. The BETA version is available for download at the Google Play Store.

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