WhatsApp Plus APK Download for Android – Better than Ever

WhatsApp Plus

Many who were looking to get into the WhatsApp Plus bandwagon were recently shocked by the news that the clone app had died. Well, it seems someone has been busy with reviving the app and apparently, there is a working version that still offers what the initial mod offered.

With a certain Omar taking all the credit for the new WhatsApp Plus version, you will still be happy with what is on offer here. The app comes with nifty features such as ability to hide last seen, change the icon color, use different backgrounds and themes as well as do lots of other tricks.

The good thing with this WhatsApp Plus app is that is comes with everything you find on the original WhatsApp, but makes everything much better by adding some soup to each of these features. The app further goes ahead to include a bunch of unique features that will make you want to keep it installed on your Android device.

There was an installation issue where WhatsApp Plus could not send the verification code to the provided phone number. The new mod has taken care of this issue and as such, any Android user is free to get the app on their phones. Since it uses the same phone number as the original version, you can transfer your backed up messages and conversations to the clone app without any issues.

WhatsApp Plus features

As noted, WhatsApp Plus beats its counterpart – WhatsApp – when it comes to features and tricks. In addition to being able to hide last seen, second gray and blue ticks, the app also lets you change themes easily, change the color of the launcher icon, as well as password-protect your account without depending on any third-party apps. The latter feature could be very helpful for those who have sneaky friends – we all have them.

It gets even better as the new app lets you use up to 255 characters in your WhatsApp Plus status, share themes with friends as well as come in with your own themes for other users to install on their apps. Since it is not available for download on the Google Play Store – it was banned from the Play Store a few years ago – you will have to get it via a trusted third-party site.

WhatsApp Plus

How to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK

It is quite easy to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone. Just head to this link and get the APK file. Before opening the downloaded file, head to the phone’s security settings and tick the box against the Unknown sources setting. This allows the installation of files that have not been downloaded directly from the Play Store.

When done, go back to the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK and tap it to open. This will kick off the installation process. The steps are simple and easy to follow – just like with the case of the original version. If you had another version of WhatsApp already installed, make sure you uninstall it first while at the same time keeping a backup of your conversations. This is because the new WhatsApp Plus app will still give you room to restore the saved messages and pick up from where you left.

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