Xbox One Background Music – How It Works And Supported Apps

Xbox One Background Music

Players wanted background music support on Xbox One and the developers have finally found a way to integrate the service in the hardware.

Microsoft has launched a huge blog explaining the background music feature, supported apps and how it works on the Xbox One console. We have simplified everything and brought you what you need to know about this new service. A lot of popular apps are made to work with the console. From the list, it looks like it is more than enough to get you through tens of hours of gameplay on Skyrim throughout the week while your favorite playlist is running in the background.

Groove Music is the first option available on the Xbox One console. Users with a premium membership to the service can enjoy songs of their choice and enjoy an ad-free experience while gaming. It also allows them to upload songs on One Drive, another Microsoft service and play those Mp3 files during gaming sessions.

Pandora is a free app that players can download for free and enjoy streaming their favorite music. With over millions of songs, the platform is easily one of the best option for those who haven’t had any active subscriptions in any of the other apps. It is available in New Zealand, United States and Australia for now.

Xbox One music player

For users who have a huge mp3 collection and doesn’t want to use any of the app like Pandora, Groove or something similar, Xbox One now supports a simple background music player. All it does it read content from different sources. The best way to make use of the player is to download music to a USB stick and plug it into the console.

Microsoft has also integrated VLC media player which is known for its compatibility with a wide range of music, video and other media files. However, VLC is not available on the Xbox One console immediately. The company has stated that they will be rolling out the app in a couple of months. With no specific release date, the simple music player is an easy choice for most.

You can grab all the music you can and plug it in the console to get the job done. The developer team added that they are really happy to announce music streaming service for the console and give players multiple choices through which they can stream what they need without giving up on their game time.

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