ZTE Axon Max 2 Leaks on Benchmarks but Arriving Later in 2016

ZTE Axon Max 2

The ZTE Axon Max came out less than a year ago in December and it has been one of the highly successful phones in this price point of around $ 400.

The competition in this price bracket just increased significantly after the arrival of the OnePlus 3. It may have been a major reason behind ZTE Axon Max 2 rumors already cropping up. Specifications of the ZTE Axon Max 2 have been seen on GFX benchmark listings and they promise to present a truly exciting device indeed. ZTE phones have always offered a lot of value for money and one can expect the same with the ZTE Axon Max 2.

The 6-inch screen has always been one of the highlights of the ZTE Axon Max. The feature is retained without any changes, which means that the ZTE Axon Max 2 gets the disappointing 1080p resolution rather than the QHD screens found on high-end devices from the like Samsung and HTC. The processor in the device seems to be a snapdragon 625 belonging to the mid-range. It may not offer a large amount of power, but it should be more than sufficient due to the intelligent use of processor power by the android operating system.

ZTE Axon Max

The 13-megapixel rear camera offers the ability to shoot 4K videos, but the standout feature of the device remains the sensor of a similar megapixel count in the front camera. Even the front camera is capable of 4K video recording and there are not many phones capable of boasting this feature. The phone is expected to come with a very healthy 64 GB of on-board storage and 4 GB of RAM. Hence, the ZTE Axon Max 2 seems to have very good specifications in almost all departments apart from the screen resolution. Given that the phone is several months away from actual launch, ZTE Axon Max 2 may get the much need upgrade to the QHD resolution screens.

ZTE are expected to use their latest MiFavorskin on top of the Android 6.0 OS. Even though it is not one of the best user interfaces in the business, users at least do not have to complain about the performance of the phone. The comfortable 4 GB of RAM makes it easy to handle the device even with several high end applications running in the background.

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