1TB, 500GB Xbox One S to Come on Aug. 23, Includes Halo Collection and Madden NFL 17

Xbox One S

Microsoft will release the Xbox One S on August 2, but this will only be for the 2TB version. While the initial announcement of this release date did not include the official release date for the 500GB and 1TB variants, we now have the full details.

According to the Windows OS maker, the other two variants of the Xbox One S will be available for purchase as from August 23. Priced at $299 and $349, the new 500GB and 1TB gaming consoles will not come alone, rather, Microsoft will include the Halo Collection as well as Madden NFL 17.

Even though the company has made it clear that the two gaming consoles will not be available in North America until and after August 23, those interested in any of these two units can preorder for one from any of their favorite retailers. As for those living in Europe and other regions, there is still no official date of when the lower end Xbox One S variants will hit these markets, but it should really soon.

Xbox One S

For those who go for the 1TB Xbox One S, Microsoft will gift them a free Madden NFL 17 without altering the initially announced price of the console. You will also come across a full month of EA Access trial, promotional discount with respect to the NFL Shop as well as Madden Ultimate Team Pro collection. While this is happening for the 1TB buyers, those going after the smaller 500GB variant will get a bundled Halo 5: Guardians game as well as a download code that will see them get entire Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This package will cost you $299.

The good thing with these Xbox One S units is that you can still expand your storage limit via an external hard drive. It’s a simple plug-and-play process that will see you store your games and other content on the drive.

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