How To Start a Heist in GTA Online?

GTA Online Heist

When you have played Grand Theft Auto Online for a while and gained good experience, you might feel the urge to start a heist as a leader.

Heists can be best described as a type of gameplay mode in GTA Online which are designed as cooperative missions necessitating the participation of multiple players.

The success of a heist in GTA Online is dependent on the kind of coordination and cooperation of different players in a team exhibit. While heists are exciting for players to participate in, they are also important for several reasons.

Players have to come together as a team to carry out a major robbery. By doing this, they realize the importance of teamwork and coordination. GTA 5 Online Heists are as relevant as they were when they were first initiated.

Importance of a Leader in a GTA Online Heist

If you have been wondering how to set up a Heist on GTA 5 online, you must know that the process is very simple and convenient. Every player finds the opportunity of launching a GTA Heist as a leader exciting. The leader, after all, has the authority to decide which player will take up which role. They also get the liberty to choose the setups according to their own will. As the finale approaches, the leader takes the final call on the amount of money each player will get.

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There are several other advantages of launching a GTA Online Heist as a leader. The leader, also referred to as the host in a Heist, is entitled to receive the biggest cut in the robbery. The leader receives approximately 40% of the entire loot.

How To Start a GTA Online Heist as a Leader?

When you wish to launch a Heist as a leader, you will be required to unlock level 12 in GTA Online. You also make certain investments to procure the equipment that is required to conduct the Heist successfully.

One of the major things they would have to invest in is a premium apartment which is quite expensive. The prices for premium apartments in GTA Online start at $200,000. That should give you a fair idea about the kind of investment that will go into executing GTA 5 Online Heists.

Once the player fulfills all the necessary requirements, they will get a call from Lester. This call will serve as the official invitation for the player to visit Lester’s garment factory. Once a player makes it clear that they have accepted the heist, they will be given the designation of the leader and will have the opportunity of inviting some of their fellow players through their friends’ list or the lobby.

How To Start a Private Heist in GTA 5?

The process of starting a private heist is quite similar to that of launching a private heist on your own. Your rank should be 12 and you need to be the owner of a high-end apartment.

The following steps will help you start a private heist with your friends.

  • Select “Options”
  • Head to “Online -> Play GTA Online”
  • Now you’ll have several options and you can start the heist with your friend!

Do You Need Money To Start a GTA Heist?

The player, who assumes the charge of leading the heist, will also be required to invest a large amount of money to hire NPCs. While the leader has to look after all the expenses, the one expense that Lester will cover is the Fleeca Job.

How To Make Money in a GTA Online Heist?

Players will make some money after finishing each setup mission. However, it must be remembered that leaders of a Heist do not get the opportunity to make money for accomplishing a prep mission. They do get some incentives though.

After the completion of an RP mission, Heist leaders are liable to receive 10 percent RP more than the other players in the team. Once the Heist is complete, the leader will also have the opportunity of getting a higher percentage of the share.

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