[Updated:] How to Fix Fallout 4 DLC Problems on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Fallout 4 DLC

Though an impressive game, Fallout 4 is not absolutely perfect. Bethesda has put a lot of effort into squashing Fallout 4 DLC Problems by releasing a number of updates. Unfortunately, the updates fix some glitches but as well carry along some hiccups.

The developer pushed free updates for PS4 that aimed at patching up the Automatron DLC as well as delivering Survival Mode plus enhancements. Although Fallout 4 1.5 update fixes bugs, it carries problems too. This article takes you through common Fallout 4 DLC problems related to Wasteland Workshop, Automatron, and Far Harbor, aiming to help you fix performance issues and repair Fallout 4 crashes.

Common Fallout 4 DLC Problems & Fixes

Fallout 4 Crash on Startup PC Fix

Playing your favorite game on PC has always been a hit or miss, especially when it is an extremely popular title like Fallout 4. With tons of players worldwide, the complaint continues for Fallout 4 crash on startup on Windows 10 computers due to various reasons.

While it is a known fact that every PC configuration is different, we have handpicked some of the most popular fixes that helped fix the crash on startup.


Delete and Redownload Nvidia/AMD Graphics Drivers

  • Based on whether your system is powered by an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, delete the drivers completely
  • You can uninstall it on ‘add or remove programs’ as well using the GPU’s control panel
  • Once the uninstallation is complete, restart your computer
  • Most Windows 10 PCs will automatically look for drivers for the existing hardware
  • Let it download the latest Nvidia or AMD drivers or else make sure you do it manually
  • Restart the PC one more time and the issue should be fixed for some users


Game Works after a Fresh Reboot

A lot of game titles and software programs tend to work well when your PC is freshly restarted. Surprisingly, as reported by multiple gamers, it works for Fallout 4 freezing or Fallout 4 black screen issues. All that is suggested is that you should restart your computer and directly open the game without opening any other software or browser windows.

  • Make sure to close any software programs that you have set up to run as soon as your Windows 10 is logged in
  • Quit programs like gaming mouse and keyboard management software such as those by Asus, Corsair, and Steelseries
  • Start the game and let it load which seems to have fixed the problem for some on the PC


Set your Game Graphics to Low

Some users have shared their fair share of experience trying to run the game. Most complain that Fallout 4 crashes on startup but only after they have entered the game.

When you click on the play button, that is when the game crashes. This can also be fixed using this method. Sometimes, it has been identified that the game fails to recognize the available graphics card and hardware details which is why it crashes in the first place.

  • Open your game without having other programs running on your PC
  • Opt for the options menu where you can optimize your graphics settings
  • Setting it to low will sometimes enable the processor to identify the graphics card or at least let the game run
  • You can consider changing your graphics settings while the game is running and hope it wouldn’t crash again


Fallout 4 Freezing Issue on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

The freezing issue is one of the common Fallout 4 DLC problems. The wide range of possible fixes for the Fallout 4 freezing issue or the black screen problem will definitely have you screaming in rage. However, in order to enjoy a complex game like this one, you should probably be willing to handle the issues and find solutions for your specific platform.

While PC gamers can focus on all the above-said processes including restarting their computer, updating their graphics drivers, installing fallout 4 updates, and allowing graphics settings to low, PS4 and Xbox One gamers should go for entirely different alternatives.


Fixing the Freezing Issue on PS4 and Xbox One

  • The first and most suggested solution is to completely unplug your console from the power socket
  • For newbies, this is known as the hard reset which fixes most of the problems in a lot of situations as it will help the console redownload any files or repair them as necessary
  • A temporary solution as suggested by some Reddit users is that you should disconnect the internet from your console
  • Making sure to disconnect the internet before launching the game helped fix it for some
  • If you have lots of items equipped in your inventory, the game fails to load on the console and becomes frozen
  • Unequip your character and you should be able to load into the next area without any issues


Remove the Mods

The issue of Fallout 4 black screen, freezing and stuttering issues is widely experienced by gamers on all platforms. While a universal solution is not applicable to them all, the most suggested option is to remove all the mods.

Some gamers, after extensively checking the problem, suggest that you should consider removing all active mods and do a fresh install of the game. It may or may not fix the problem on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for sure but it did work for many players.


Fallout 4 Black Screen Issue and Possible Fixes

The Fallout 4 black screen issue is more persistent on Xbox One and PS4 consoles compared to a PC. They were spotted ever since the developer Bethesda started rolling out mod support with a series of new modes available for players to try.


Load a different save file

  • A very common and easy-to-do solution is to load a different save file in your game
  • The different file saved at different point of the title allows you to cross where the technical hurdle is and you can save it again


Delete game data

  • A suggested solution is to delete the game data and redownload it again
  • Make sure you don’t accidentally delete the saved data as it will force you to start all over again
  • Let the game saves be on the cloud for both PS4 and Xbox One while you try out this option


Remove the data cache

  • When installing a couple of new mods, the available data cache could affect the game and lead to black screen issues
  • You can find instructions on how to delete data cache on your Xbox One console and check if the game works
  • Alternatively, it is also suggested to redownload the game or parts of the file to Fallout 4 save location

Fallout 4 PS4 season pass brings in lots of new content for the game on all platforms but if you can find out the errors to fix them, it should be a more streamlined experience to build your character the way you love to play.


Automatron/Wasteland Workshop/Far Harbor failing to show up

Among other Fallout 4 DLC problems, some users on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 have complained that the DLCs aren’t showing up. Here is the remedy from Bethesda.

PlayStation 4

The first step is to check if you are signed in to the right PS ID before proceeding to the following procedure. If you are:

  1. License checking

Go to Settings, choose PlayStation Network/Account Management then select the ‘Restore Licenses’ option.

  1. Switch the console on and off

Three options are available to complete this task:

    • Press and hold the Power button for a period of at least 10 seconds until the console beeps twice.
    • While on the Home screen, bring up the Function screen by pressing (D-pad up), select Power then choose ‘Turn Off PS4’.
    • Long press (PS) button, then choose Turn Off PS4.
  1. Download the add-on manually

    • While on the PS4 menu, go to Library.
    • Go to Fallout and then press (X).
    • On the Product page, choose Related items.
    • Choose My add-ons.
    • Choose the Automatron/Far Harbor/ Wasteland Workshop add-on download icon located on the left to start the download.

The console can also be instructed to manually download the DLC from the PlayStation Store on its own.

Fallout 4

Xbox One

Normally, the first step is to check if you are signed in to the right Gamertag (correct Xbox Live Gamertag). After confirmation, then proceed with the following steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Power cycle the console

    • Long press the (Xbox) button located at the front of the console for at least 10 seconds.
    • Disconnect the machine’s power cable and wait for 10 seconds.
    • Connect the power cable and switch on the console by pressing the (Xbox) button.
  1. Check downloads queue

    • While on the Home screen, navigate to the My Games and apps menu by holding (RT) and pressing (A).
    • Go to Queue to check whether the download and install process is complete.
  1. Re-install the add-on

    • While on the Home screen, navigate to the My Games and apps menu by holding (RT) and pressing (A).
    • Go to Fallout 4 and press (Menu) button.
    • Choose Manage game.
    • Choose the Automatron add-on to start the download, from the Ready to install column.

You can have your console start the manual download process by itself by giving instructions. You can also seek help by contacting Xbox Support.


To start off troubleshooting this problem on a PC, try enabling and disabling your mods. After disabling your mods, try out the following procedures:

  1. Close and Start Steam

    • On the top-right of the Steam client, click Steam then select exit.
    • Open Steam again to see if the DLC is shown.
  1. Ensure the DLC is active on your Steam Account

    • Sign in to your Steam account.
    • Go to Library.
    • Right-click on Fallout.
    • Select View Downloadable Content.
    • For Automatron DLC to begin downloading, make sure you enable the Install checkbox. You may need to uncheck and recheck the box for surety.

Fallout 4

  1. Check the status of the download:

    • Sign in to your Steam account.
    • Click on Library and then choose Downloads at the bottom.
    • Fallout will be listed as “Ready to Play” after the download is completed.
  1. Verify integrity on game cache:

    • Sign in to your Steam account.
    • Go to Library.
    • Right-click on Fallout 4.
    • Choose properties.
    • Choose the Local files tab and click Verify integrity of game cache button.

At this point, Steam will verify the game’s files-process may take some minutes.

Once the process is completed, open Fallout 4 to check if the Fallout 4 DLC problems are solved.

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  1. There is a serious problem with the way these add-ons are handled on the Xbox one. I purchased the game of the year edition of Fallout 4. The add- on files are not actually on the disc itself. You’re given a code, and the files are downloaded from the Microsoft store. That’s all well and good. However the game does not recognize those files. I can verify the installation of the files on the machine. The file names and the amount of space taken up is listed in the game details. When I start the game, all DLC in the add-on menu are grayed out and unplayable. This was not always so. They were fine when I first downloaded them. I took several weeks off playing, and when I came back, they were unavailable. Following suggestions online, I reinstalled EVERYTHING. It worked again for a time. Unfortunately, I’m back where I started. The files are once again unrecognized by the game software.
    There is no reason why anyone should have to uninstall and reinstall a game and it’s components every time a person wants to play the game. So far I have not seen any explanation for these problems. Rebooting and reinstalling are quick fixes only. WHY is this happening? When that is understood, then a permanent solution can be found. Is it the machine? The Microsoft store? Bethesda’s software? This needs to be answered so the many people out there, like me, can enjoy the game they payed for.

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