2016 Mercedes GLC Coupe Prices Revealed

2016 Mercedes GLC Coupe

The BMW X4 unrivaled position as a sporty SUV is about to come to an end with Mercedes announcing prices for the GLC coupe, which will hit the European markets soon.

Mercedes has come out with several variants going straight at BMW – the leaders in worldwide sales of luxury cars. BMW’s sales figures have been slowing down in recent years and it is directly attributed to the growth in competition especially from Mercedes. The Stuttgart company has come out with numerous models that fit exactly into BMW’s territory.

BMW has enjoyed an unrivalled position in certain segments. The likes of the BMW X6,X4, and the i8 are some of the models that virtually have no competition in the market. The BMW X4 is a smaller version of the hugely successful BMW X6. In order to take on this vehicle, the GLC Coupe will come with two diesels and one petrol variant. The only model with a gasoline engine – GLC 250 – will offer 208 bhp. It is the most powerful vehicle in the GLC Coupe line-up but not by a long distance.

Mercedes GLC Coupe

The diesel variant starts with the incredibly frugal 168 bhp engine in the GLC 220d. Apart from being extremely fuel-efficient, the vehicle will also be able to save a lot of money in carbon emissions tax. For those with an interest in driving, though, a slightly more powerful 201 bhp engine in the GLC 250d may be a better alternative since it offers a perfect balance of fuel economy and power. The gasoline motor, though, is a must have for enthusiasts due to its sweet noise and addictive power.

As with every other Mercedes models in recent years, the GLC Coupe in all variants will be equipped with the nine speed transmission. It is one of the smoothest and fastest gear boxes around and it extremely complements the vehicle’s characters. Some of the standard features on the GLC Coupe included 18 inch wheels, reversing camera, sports suspension, leather upholstery, collision prevention systems. Optional packages provided the ability to add exclusive interior options from the AMG lineup and air suspension.

The GLC 250 is the least expensive of the three models and it starts from €49444. The top of the line GLC 250d is priced at €51,289 while the middle variant GLC 220d is priced at €49,980. Pricing for the rest of the range will be announced towards the end of the year.

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