2017 Ford GT is a Racing Beast with 647 Horsepower, 216 MPH Top Speed

2017 Ford GT Front

The Ford GT is now the fastest production car and the specifications of the racing beast stands true to its earlier claims.

It packs in phenomenal horsepower and can set new speed records if tested against other cars in its class.

When the automobile manufacturer promised that they are going to deliver a supercar with 440kW power, it was bit tough to digest the claim. However, Ford has already exceeded expectations by announcing the specifications for the GT edition. Under the bonnet, this car is powered by a 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 engine with EcoBoost technology. The model can easily deliver up to 647 horsepower combined with 550lb feet of torque. The total weight of the vehicle is much lower that gives it at an added boost. It weighs at 3054 lbs and can reach a top speed of 216 miles per hour. The car uses 20-inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber wheels with carbon ceramic braking. The powertrain is attached to a seven speed dual clutch gearbox for transmission. If that’s not impressive for a car lover, it’s impossible to find something else to amaze them.

2017 Ford GT

The 2017 Ford GT is going to go head on against the Ferrari 488GTB and the McLaren 675LT. The McLaren car weigh less and has much more powerful engine under the hood. The McLaren 675LT is powered by a 3.5-liter twin turbo V8 engine that produces a cool 666 horsepower with 516 lb feet of torque. Its top speed is pegged at 205 miles per hour and it weighs about 2982lbs. The Ford 488GTB delivers 660 horsepower with 561 lb feet of torque and has a top speed of 205 miles per hour.

When the new GT from Ford is put up directly against them, the car easily wins in terms of raw performance and top speed as it achieves kickass top speed with a much lower engine. Talking about the achievement, the company’s VP Raj Nair commented that they used a lot of carbon fiber materials for weight saving and did plenty of simulation as well as used test mules before reaching the final production stage.

2017 Ford GT Front

If you are looking for fuel efficiency, the 2017 Ford GT is not the right choice as it delivers 11 mpg in city and 18 mpg in highway which is kind of less compared to what McLaren and Ferrari offers. But, no buyer expects mileage from a supercar and Ford can actually overcome this shortcoming with the overall experience it offers. The active dynamics system in the car allows aerodynamic, suspension and ride height to automatically alter itself based on the mode you have selected. The full specifications sheet is here for those who like to check it out.

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  1. The GT made a name for itself in the 1960s, and the nameplate returned to Ford for the 2005 and 2006 models. Since then, the vehicle has truly evolved into a supercar, evident by it’s $100,000+ price tag.
    The company has made some changes to the third-generation GT, prioritizing handling and track capabilities in their 2017 model. The result? Not only one of Ford’s most impressive cars ever, but perhaps one of the most innovative cars to ever be released. For more information about the 2017 Ford GT Release Date checkout.

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