2017 Honda Accord Line Up Expands With Sport Special Edition

2017 Honda Accord

Honda officially announced the pricing for the 2017 Accord lineup and as part of their expansion process, the brand has introduced a brand new Sport Special Edition.

The special edition brings a couple of standard features to the Honda Accord for a price. The 2017 base model LX starts with a price tag of $23,190. The sedan version if the cheapest of the lot and if like to upgrade it to a coupe, it is mandatory to pay $1,670 more than the quoted price. The all-new Sport Special Edition of the Accord has been priced at $26,250. The variant uses a six speed manual transmission which can be upgraded to a CVT gearbox. If done so, the pricing changes to $27,050.

In the special edition, the interiors are accentuated with high quality leather seats and the special edition badge is fixed on the headrest to showcase its exclusivity. Honda has decided to use a V6 engine for the Accord Coupe which is mated to a six speed manual transmission system. The model is also an enthusiast’s pick which is designed for drag racing and other sporty events. However, all the special features and the powerful engine comes at a price. The model is set at $32,010 which falls on the expensive side.

2017 Honda Accord

While the automobile manufacturer has decided to bring some significant changes to the lineup, they have kept majority of the models the same in the 2017 edition. It makes it easier for buyers to go for the one they like without being confused. Based on the new upgrade, the top trim line of the Accord has received full LED headlights and a powerful new infotainment system. The car now supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Honda Sensing suite with a range of safety features are once again integrated in the 2017 Honda Accord lineup but it won’t be available on Sport Special Edition due to technical reasons. The base models are powered by a 2.4-liter inline four engine which is capable of delivering a total power of 189 horsepower. It is mated to a six speed manual transmission system which can be upgraded to a CVT. An option model is powered by a 2.5-liter V6 engine capable of rendering 278 horsepower.

The fuel efficiency of the 2017 Honda Accord is also found to be on the higher side making it an ideal buy for the daily commuter. With the added features, it becomes an easy buy for most.

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