2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 May Offer 4K Screen and Dual Cameras

2017 Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been getting all the attention for the wrong reasons, as the device has just been unable to beyond the explosion scandals even after the recall.

There are suggestions that Samsung may step in with a second recall of the device. However, there are some positive news for the Korean giant as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is turning out into a positive device based on initial rumors. It has been known for some time that Samsung has fast tracked the development on the Galaxy S8 in order to compensate for the bad PR brought in by the Galaxy Note 7.

2017 Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature top-notch specifications in almost every regard and this is likely to be true in the case of the display. Samsung has been a world leader when it comes to display panels, but they have been unable to fit in a 4K screen on the smartphone just yet. This is likely to be met by the Galaxy S8 with its 4K resolution on the screen which may remain of the same size. Even though a 2K or QHD resolution is more than sufficient for the 5.2-inch screen present in the Galaxy S models, the Galaxy S8 is in need of a headline feature.

The latest rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 made it is the physical home button in favor of the iPhone 7-esque home button. The use of the force touch technology, which is an Apple name and unlikely to be retained by Samsung, is expected to make the Galaxy S8 more intuitive to use.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is also thought to be contemplating the possibility of coming out with a dual camera set up on the new device. Apple has brought out this feature, although certainly not the first to do so, on the iPhone 7 Plus and this places the device out of the reach – not just in terms of price – for many buyers. The Samsung Galaxy S8 may offer a more widespread appeal than the iPhone 7 Plus, which is in the phablet category and a competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A new processor is expected to be at the heart of the Galaxy S8. The potential use of the Exynos 8895 could make the device much faster than a counterpart with snapdragon 830 processor. It would not be surprising to see the Galaxy S8 top the benchmark tests when it comes out in early 2017.

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