2018 Apple iPhone Could Debut a Foldable Design, Patents Suggests

Foldable Apple iPhone

If you thought Samsung is the only smartphone OEM that is working on a foldable design for its future phones, be informed that Apple is also in the race.

This is nothing to get you excited, though, as it is not the first time we’ve seen Apple file patents that never come to materialize – same as Samsung. But apparently, given the pressure on Cupertino’s back with respect to refreshing the design of the 2017 Apple iPhone, it is possible that this foldable design is in the works.

According to the patent, the new foldable Apple iPhone will come with a flexible display screen to enable folding, just like it happens with a flip phone. However, the said iPhone will be more than just a flip phone, especially when it comes to the finish and hardware specs, among others.

The foldable iPhone will reportedly come with a hinge in the center of the screen so as to let it easily fold whenever needed. There is no one rumored design for the foldable phone, with some designs showing a screen that is nicely hidden and protected when the phone is closed. On another design, you will have the screen visible, but it will not be full size, instead, you only enjoy half of the display when the phone is folded. It might even be possible to clip this future Apple iPhone onto your trouser when it is folded up.

Apple is expected to make big changes when it releases the 2017 iPhone. Some reports call it iPhone 8 while others believe an iPhone 7S is in the making, nonetheless, it is unlikely that we might see this new foldable Apple iPhone in 2017. Instead, chances are high that this new technology could debut in 2018 at its earliest, or even the following year. As for the 2017 iPhone, you can expect things like an edge-to-edge screen and new all-glass design.

Foldable Apple iPhone

On the contrary, Samsung might be ready to surprise the world with a new foldable phone dubbed Samsung Galaxy X this coming year. As usual, Apple will sit back and watch how things progress before making the switch, just like it has been doing with the curved screens that are set to debut on next year’s version.

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