2018 BMW X4 SUV Spy Photos Leaked, Expected to Feature a Lighter Chassis

2018 BMW X4 SUV

BMW is betting big on the SUV boom and the 2018 X4 SUV is significant proof that the automobile manufacturer is interested in making the most out of buyer interest.

The upcoming model, the X4 coupe has been spotted in the wild and spy photos leaked showcased the car’s design before its official launch next year. BMW has been building a slow yet steady market for its SUVs. The brand managed to sell about 60,000 cars which is not a huge number yet a promising growth compared to sales trend in 2015. With increasing sales, the team is confident that they could pull it off this time. The 2018 BMW X4 coupe SUV spotted in the spy photographs showcase the company’s proprietary kidney grille in the front combined with newly designed headlights.

2018 BMW X4 SUV Spy Photos

While the current model has a lot of curves and some unique design additions, the designers have evened them out in the new car. The model features a brand new tailgate combined with the BMW badge mounted in the middle. The license plate’s position has been moved lower which doesn’t hinder the overall design and adds a touch of style to the rear end of the model. The upcoming X4 is more like a new addition to the BMW lineup as the first model was launched way back in 2014 and the brand took nearly three years to decide whether an upgrade is necessary.

Apart from the spied X4 coupe SUV, BMW is also working on a slimmer and sleek looking X3. The upgraded model will not only feature an all-new design but will also have a new platform. The rumored model will be significantly lighter. Similarly, it’s bigger brother the X4 will also have a bunch of powertrain options and chassis to choose from. Based on rumors that claim the new X3 platform will be at least 100 kgs lighter, it is expected that light build and design elements will be carried forward to the X4 SUV.

2018 BMW X4 SUV

The car is expected to be powered by 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and will also be a hybrid powertrain that features an electric motor along with the conventional engine. A combined horsepower of 249 is expected from this hybrid BMW car which should be able to go up to 30 miles when it runs solely on its battery capacity. A diesel powered engine is also under consideration and more details will be revealed in the following months.