3 Reasons Why Apple Believes their iPhone is Better Than Your Android Phone

Apple iPhone

Apple is on a roll now as they have officially updated their website with a dedicated page to convert Android phone users to the iPhone race.

Marketing strategies and promotional videos are normal. However, the newest page on Apple has multiple reasons and at least three of them claim that it is best to adopt an iPhone. The top three reasons aren’t so credible yet according to the people in Apple it is more than enough to make you switch to their own device.  Termed as the Switch web page, and no this has nothing to do with the Nintendo Switch console, it claims you should switch to their own iOS platform and seamless smartphone experience.


“Life is easier on the iPhone,” is the big caption the company likes to promote. They claim that the top reason to go with their phone is it works instantly and makes your life fun as soon as you turn it on. The transition begins with the Move to iOS app available on the Google Play store. Once you download and install it on your existing Android device, you can just copy all details to it and transfer it to your newly purchased iPhone. It is the version the company believes in the official page.

The only problem in this claim is that an exact feature is available in the app store as well. By using the app, you can seamlessly transfer data from your iPhone to any Android phone in an instant. The next reason is that Apple’s iPhones are extremely fast and seamless to use. They have the best operating system, iOS which is designed to sync with the hardware the company produces. Google doesn’t have such control over hardware as their Android is an open source software which is always customized by manufacturers, especially companies like Samsung and Xiaomi.

Apple iPhone

Apple also adds that their phones are more secure, has the best camera in the market bundled in a highly robust display with improved privacy and security. It is hardly a reason to say that Android lacks in security and iPhones don’t because the Apple iCloud leaks are notoriously famous around the globe. However, the device is much faster compared to Android due to inferior hardware. At this point, the pricing should be taken into consideration as iPhones are rather expensive.

At the end of the page, Apple lists iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus  claiming that all their models are better than Android, encouraging customers to make the switch.